10  Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

10  Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

So you are a big fan of Home and Garden, you practically feel like the lost Scott triplet and- like using your detective skills to determine the gripping ending of a M. Night Shyamalan film- you already know if the homeowner will “love it or list it”. When you get the motivation to jump in and begin your own renovation process though, you feel as lost as Alice in a Wonderland with the variety of colors and choices. According to a recent Houzz survey, 17% of homeowners hire an interior designer. Why- you might ask….. well we have 10 great reasons below:

1. Marriage Counseling

Whether it’s having someone tell your husband it’s time to throw out the old cherish recliner with rips from his good old College days to being the deciding factor in whether pink is an appropriate color for the Master bedroom, having an interior designer can save you and your spouse/significant other from unnecessary bickering. Renovations can test even the most formidable couples; of course, you would want to have a say in the place you are going to live and the spaces you will be seeing each day. An interior designer has the talent of intertwining the different styles and tastes to form a cohesive product you will both love……. And she doesn’t even charge extra for the saved therapy sessions.

2. Saves Time

Interior designers have a tried-and-true process for interior design; like a factory assembly line, they know the next steps to keep the progress moving forward (making sure your design will look anything but a factory output). Likewise, this will eliminate time spent caused by missing steps (whether forgetting to order items, parts or scheduling the necessary tradesmen). Particularly in current times where everything seems to take a bit longer than expected, these can add up and save you a ton of grief.

3. An Eye for Small Detail

Interior designers not only see the “large picture” of the design, but also the smaller details that bring a space together; from the accessories on the bookshelf to ensuring that the closet has the correct layout to fit your shoes, ties and other necessities. Interior designers know that performance fabric is the best course of action if you have pets or small children, that some colors (no matter how much you love them individually) do not fair well in a room, and that smallest details of knobs and pulls play a part in the overall vision.

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4. Access to Exclusive Products

Interior Designers not only get exclusive pricing on items, but they get exclusive products from different manufacturers and vendors. To create a one-of-a-kind room, you need those pieces you know you won’t find walking into a friend’s home or on in a common catalog. Interior designers are sometimes given the opportunity to purchase items that aren’t available to the general public; pieces you never knew you couldn’t live without.

5. Limit the Wasteful Spending on Unneeded Items

If you are anything like me, when I pack for a weeklong trip, I somehow end up with 3 suitcases more than I need. Sometimes redesigns/renovations end up on the same track; when you aren’t sure what you need, you end up buying too much! Interior designers can help channel in the needs of the room; this is not to say that the space will not be accessorized or that it will be purely a minimalist feel, it means that the space will have everything it needs without going “overboard” and- in part- ruining the design.

6. Modern Tools

For some, seeing is believing. Like just about in all fields, technology has helped to make “seeing” more accessible. With state-of-the-art technology, interior designers are able to give you a 3-dimensional view of what your space will look like and provide visuals replications of a space even before the arrival of the first piece. Likewise, interior designers use technology specifically designed for their field to keep projects organized, moving, and completed into the space you are sure to love.

7. Creative Ideas & an Alternative Way to View Space

Interior designers can help you think outside the box and break away from the invisible boundaries you might otherwise place on your design. It may be introducing you to patterns and colors you would otherwise shy from to using different items and spaces in creative new ways. Interior designers are constantly communicating with others in their industry and consistently learning about new techniques all to ensure you have a space you will love.

With the influx of creative ideas, interior designs can help you transform a space into something otherwise unimaginable. Maybe it’s transforming a nook in the kitchen that was used as a secondary dining option into a one-of-a-kind bar or that awkward step under the stairs into a garden oasis. Likewise, interior designers may just help you envision how to make the existing use a little better; whether reconfiguring how you organize or showing you a whole new means to do so.

8. Less Stress

An interior designer allows you to enjoy the process of the renovation without the unnecessary stress; you don’t need to call and find out why your sofa  is still on a trailer waiting for delivery to a receiver, follow up with fabric vendors to ensure that that newest addition of 2 yards is the same dye cut as the previous 3 or ensure the finish on the new coffee table can withstand the creations of your 3 year old. There are so many little moving parts when it comes to renovation and updating spaces, having an interior designer ensures they all move smoothly

9. Budgeting

Like everything in life, transformations tend to be twice what you anticipate when undergoing alone. With an interior designer, you are more likely to stay on budget as they are seasoned in terms of anticipated costs. Of course, if you deviate mid-plan and decide you want the original Mona Lisa rather than the work of a local artist, you can expect there to be a little bit of detour. Most interior decorators prepare for this (well maybe not for a Da Vinci switch); they know how to move funds around in the budget so that you are on par with the anticipated costs.

10. Expertise and Experience

Let’s face it….. you can probably bake and make the most amazing cakes, but you would never take on doing so for a wedding. You are probably great will balancing the checkbook but- when setting up your finances to ensure a retirement long enough to enjoy it- you would see a finance advisor who has the knowledge and insight to guide you. Interior designers live and breathe their work; it’s a passion, not a job. As interior designers, we have the expertise and experience to make sure that both the finish product and the process are enjoyable.

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