3 Sun Solutions for your Spectacular Outdoor Living Space

3 Sun Solutions for your Spectacular Outdoor Living Space

Ahhh summer……. the smells of the sizzling steaks on the grill, the laughter of children splashing in the pool and the relaxation on whatever outdoor lounging area you can find in the mix! While we can all appreciate the warmth of the summer sun, a little too much- well – can be a little too much! When designing your outdoor space, a designated shaded area is key; from protecting yourself and others from those nasty UV rays and creating enjoyable spaces to enhancing privacy from neighbors. Don’t worry we have you covered (yes- cheesy pun)! We have three great shade solutions to help you enjoy those hot summer days.

#1: Simple & Effective Solar Shades

Solar Shades are a top solution for help against the Sun’s glare; it can reduce the heat and help protect some of the furnishings in the space as well. Solar shades are also extremely versatile; from a variety of color choices to transparency. Whether black out curtains (vampire style) or just a little barrier from the intense heat, solar shades offer a variety of options. I also love that these are offered in motorized and cordless options so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cords; creating additional ease and longevity.

#2 All Season, Energy Efficient Awnings

Awnings aren’t just for RVs and campers, they can also be a great addition to a home. Particularly with custom awnings, they add value and beauty to existing spaces. Just like shades, awnings help to reduce the sun’s beating rays and gives you the ability to sit out and enjoy. One of the benefits of awnings is the ability and ease to retract; it is not necessarily a permanent fixture. This is great as you can open it during the summer months to cool down your home but also retract during the winter months to help absorb heat.

Yellow Awning On Corner Of Building Windows Top 3 Solutions For Shading Outdoor Living Spaces

#3 Sleek and Effortless Shade Sails

In the last few years, shade sails have become a prevalent option. For one, shade sails are great for the environment because- other than the sail- their is virtually little additional material need but a few posts to hang. In many cases, existing structures in your backyard work to hold up a section(s). Like the other options, it will help protect from the Sun’s UV and other environmental factors. Shade sails are also easy to put up and take down if you do not want a permanent fixture. These aren’t the old sails off the Santa Maria; there are a variety of color, size and styles. When deciding on a shade sail, it is important, though, to choose one of good quality to avoid “sail sagging”; this phrase is coined for sails made of poorer quality that tend to dip (sag) in the middle that flaps in the wind. Also it is important to ensure that the material is flame resistant as- given the traditional location and your campfires or BBQs- it can be in a prime location for a mishap.

Shade Sail Over Dining Table In Backyard Top 3 Solutions For Shading Outdoor Living Spaces

Looking for sun solutions as fresh and beautiful as they feel? Give us a call and we can help!

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