3 Tips for a Streamlined Linen Closet that Stays Tidy All Year Long

3 Tips for a Streamlined Linen Closet that Stays Tidy All Year Long

We have all been there…….. a friendly visitor makes an unexpected overnight stay that requires a visit to the linen closet. Embarrassed, you walk over, hoping that the opening of the door doesn’t cause a chain reaction leading to an avalanche of bedding, towels and the miscellaneous items you have placed in the closet. For many, the linen closet is similar to the “catch all” drawer in the kitchen; it’s where we house all the random unsightly items. Maybe there just isn’t enough space in the house, maybe you are just not good at throwing things out or maybe you just aren’t that organized (no shame! we all are in our own way!)…….. having a well-organized linen closet can help streamline your routine and save you from these unwanted embarrassing moments!

Stack Of Textured Linens On Floor With Cup Of Coffee Or Tea How To Organize Your Linen Closet For Efficiency

Tip #1: Purge & Part With Any Unused Items

First, get rid of any items that don’t necessary belong in the linen clothes; try to stand strong on using this space for just the designated purpose. Next do an inventory of the items you have. Do you still have the old New Kids On the Block pillow cases or the He-Man sheets? Chances are your adult children no longer want them and they are safe to pass on. Throw out any old, torn and tattered items that you no longer use. Obviously, you will want to save the everyday sheets and towels and a set or two extra for washing days or unexpected sickness. Plan to purge regularly. You can always donate items to homeless shelters and any that seem a bit too ratty can be passed on to animal shelters.

Tip #2: Strategize & Systematize All Essential Items

Figure out an organizational system that works for you. Shelves are great because, at a quick view, you can find the item you are looking for. If your setup doesn’t allow for good shelving or if you don’t fold as efficiently as a navy seal, the use of bins and baskets can help keep your items organized. Figure out what system works for you….. do you want to stack all your pillowcases in one area or is it better for you to have all the respective matching bedding of each style grouped together? Perhaps you have beach towels and everyday towels that you want to separate for easy access and locating.

Tip #3: Label & Learn Where Each Item Goes

Want to take it to the next level? Label everything!!!! If your linen closet has drawers, label what each contains. Label the sheet and blanket sizes and/or which rooms they are for. Labeling can make things easier when you ask your partner (you know the one who never does the laundry or puts anything away) to grab a set of sheets……. is there really such a thing as over-labeling?

Misc. Info: Martha Stewart’s Guide to Folding a Fitted Sheet

1. Stand holding the sheet by the two adjacent corners of one of the shorter edges. With the sheet inside out, place one hand in each of these two corners.

2. Bring your right hand to your left, and fold the corner in your right hand over the one in your left, enveloping it. Next, reach down and pick up the corner that is hanging in front; bring it up, and fold it over the two corners in your left hand; the corner that’s showing will be inside out.

3. Bring the last corner up, and fold it over the others; with its right side showing, it should envelop the other three corners.

4. Lay the folded sheet on a flat surface and straighten it into the shape shown.

5. Fold the two edges in so all the elastic is hidden.

6. Fold the sheet into a rectangle.

7. Continue folding until the rectangle is the size you want it to be.

If you’re ready to design an optimally organized linen closet in your home, reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear about the space you’re dreaming of.

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