3 Ways to Easily Prepare Your Home for Spring’s Arrival

Like changing your outer jacket, it is important that your home reflects the change in
season. Perhaps the most obvious step is the removal of the thick bedding as not to
overheat with the change in temperature. Similarly, removing the thick, heavy curtains
around windows to let the natural light in helps you to experience spring both inside and
out of your home! Sprinkling your home with a variety of plants will also give your house
this “spring” appeal.


Step #1: Declutter, Determine What You Love, Then
Donate the Rest

We all know the term Spring cleaning…. and the majority of us live it out each year!
While- like I am sure many of you are- I am unclear how this annual happening still
occurs with each passing year (shouldn’t the fact that I cleaned out last year mean that I
should have less stuff)? Somehow, each spring I still find I have bags of clothes and
home décor items that are just taking up space. If you have items you don’t want
anymore or (deep sigh) no longer fit, donating is a great step in the great spring

Step #2: List All Areas in Need of Attention, Then Clean
Each Location

There are a few places I always leave for spring cleaning; my basement and attic. While
the overwhelming reason is due to the lack of heat control in these areas, I have to
admit that it seems a little less dreary on a Spring day. Likewise, we just began cleaning
up our yard and garden beds with the approaching growing season to get our outdoor
entertaining spaces up to par for grilling.


Step #3: Store Last Season’s Decor, Then Style with
Spring Inspired Pieces

While you may not be into your mother’s full explosion of holiday decorations, small
changes in décor can help celebrate the change in season. Changing out dark, heavy
winter décor for more light and colorful spring décor, can help welcome the season.
Simple changes, like adding plants or new artwork, can sometimes help freshen a
space and give a new feel as powerful as new paint. Simply adding brighter colors to
your room can give it a spring feel; throw pillows are also a great way to easily add this
element. Preparing your home for the change is seasons can help the darker, heavy
days of winter transition to the lighter, fresh feeling of spring.


If you would like some help breathing new life into your home this spring, please give us
a call. We’d love to be of assistance!

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