4 Tips for Curating Your Bookshelves Like an Interior Designer

4 Tips for Curating Your Bookshelves Like an Interior Designer

Bookshelves aren’t just for your favorite reads and stylish accessories…did you know you can make them work for you, too? Really! There are plenty of ways to optimize storage and keep your shelves both beautiful and clutter-free. With some simple changes you can make a balanced shelf that is functional, interesting, elegant and- overall- fun! Organizing and styling is a skill and we are here to help……

5 Tips For Organizing & Styling Bookshelves Like A Pro Shelves In Living Room With Books Plants Decor

Step #1: Be Determined to Declutter

Bookshelves are like open junk drawers… they easily become the horizontal planes that magazines, papers and other miscellaneous items get housed and stacked. Before you know it, the negative space that makes many bookshelves appealing is completely lost. The first step…. removing items that really don’t belong on the bookshelf. Rehome some of the loose items that would be better fit in a different location. Pare down the various items that are not a necessity. More so, get rid of items completely that are no longer needed. If you “forgot you had it” chances are you don’t need it!

Step #2: Be Open to Organizing

To begin, clear the bookshelves off completely. Before you start placing random items on the bookshelf first put any items related to organizing back on the shelf first. Add in those wicker baskets, bins or wire containers. You can still have your stacks of magazines….. just now they won’t be so unsightly. All these smaller items that you want to be accessible still will be, but in a healthy, helpful workflow.

5 Tips For Organizing & Styling Bookshelves Like A Pro Built In Shelves In Light Neutral Living Room With Decor

Step #3: Be Convicted to Create

Organization done? Now it’s time to style! Variation is key with styling…… use an array of different heights, textures and colors. Doing so creates interest and contrast. Use this space to tell your story by finding objects that reflect- well- you. Want to keep things more neutral? Add a few houseplants to the space. Candles can help add some warmth (pun intended). Artworks and photography are a great addition to any bookshelf. Want a multipurpose? Why not use it as a bar? When styling, keep the larger, bulkier items on the bottom shelf; this will give a “grounded” feeling.

Step #4: Be Eager to Edit

Time for the most important step- reflect and edit. Take a step back and determine if the space feels balance? Does it feel less cluttered? Maybe things need to be moved or removed. Even as pros, editing is an important piece when we style! As time progresses, you can also determine if the space fits your needs.

If you’re ready for an expert to bring function and beauty to your space, we’ve got your back! Contact us and let’s get to know each other.

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