Add Value To Your Home

Add Value To Your Home

It’s time to add value to your home….. While we typically undergo renovations of our homes for our own enjoyment (well the product perhaps not the process), renovations also add value when we decide to make our home at a new location and sell the existing space.

Adding the Right Items

Making updates to your home doesn’t always add value….. if the updates aren’t the right ones. Bringing shag carpeting back into the living room (despite being new to your home) would not have a positive effect on your home value. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home soon, the value added should always be a contributed factor. Sure, small accessories you are adding may not be important in determining value but long-standing items (like your flooring or kitchen cabinetry) are items that need to be considered. Likewise, like the benefit of home staging when individuals sell their homes, the design within your home can play a large impact on a potential sale.

Making Good Use of Space

Repurposing a large space (like an attic or a basement) can add immense value; increasing the finished squared footage will make your house that more appealing to potential home owners. For one past client who sort more space for when his growing family visits, we transformed a traditional dark, unfinished basement into an oasis where the whole family can gather. Equipped with a mini kitchen, it provided the ultimate privacy and necessities to make those visiting feel less intrusive.

Clean the Clutter

Using storage options, you can add value to your home. Yes- everyone knows the importance of making sure last night’s dishes are out of the sink and the dirty laundry is securely hidden during an Open House; creating permanent storage units are also attractable. Built in units, updating floor plans that allow storage spaces (i.e. closets) and other storage options can have long lasting effects.

At Dream Interiors, NY, we have an eye for how to make your space look and feel good……… for years to come.

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