Bathroom Design

Transform outdated, no-longer-functional, bathrooms and kitchens into the pinnacle spaces of your home. We bring an experienced team, proven process, and a long list of happy clients.

Whether envisioning a complete renovation or a partial remodel, at Dream Interiors we will transform your bathroom into your oasis.

Like the other areas of your home, a bathroom should be more than just functional; it should be a space that reflects you. Through fixtures, finishes, and color choices, we ensure that your bathroom is the perfect retreat.

Q & A

What is the typical time frame for a bathroom renovation? The time frame for a bathroom renovation depends on the amount of work anticipated. While some might want a total demolition down to the studs and nails others might be looking a few things changed out to freshen up a look. A smaller job could take approximately 8 weeks whereas whole bathroom renovations can take up to half a year.

What is the typical cost for a bathroom renovation? Similar to time frame, the amount of work and quality of the materials anticipated impacts the cost. Small scale bathroom renovations with basic renovations (painting, upgraded vanity and other elements) is typically between $30,000 to $50,000. A mid-scale bathroom remodel usually includes painting walls, upgrading flooring, semi-custom cabinets, new lighting fixtures, and other upgrades is typically $50,000 to $75,000. A large scale remodeling would be approximately $75,000+. Large scale bathroom remodeling typically involves changing the footprint of the bathroom; moving electric and water lines. Luxury elements and custom cabinetry along with high end appliances accompany the high end flooring and accent pieces that make the room a high end one of a kind space.

How do you ensure that the finish product aligns with the clients’ vision? Our process has proved time and time again that the finish design product exceeds the expectations of our clients. Through a site visit and comprehensive questionnaire, we develop a sense of what our clients want. We present our clients with storyboards of our design prior to moving forward.

Our bathroom is small; how can we get everything we want packed in? We have experience in transforming small spaces. We have the ability to use design to create storage spaces that fit our clients’ wants. We have access to cutting edge products and design elements that can assist in this process to turn a cluttered space into a functional one.

We have a household member with special needs; how will this influence the design? We take all household member needs into consideration when designing. We have the latest information on a variety of products that take both form and function into consideration ensuring that the needs of all are met without compromising on the aesthetics.

What is the typical process for a bathroom renovation? First, we would meet with you at your location for an hour to an hour and a half to discuss what currently works and doesn’t work for you and part of what you envision. After, we would send you a comprehensive questionnaire to get more of an understanding of your style (even if you think you don’t have one!), your needs and your inspirations. We then create a scope of work of the anticipated project; this would also include the flat base fee for the design and minimum expenditure to proceed with the project. Once we go to contract, we will develop a budget based on what we heard from you and the investment.

Do I have to buy everything? As part of the contract, there will be a required minimum expenditure for items purchased.

What type of return on investment can I expect if I remodel and then sell my home?

According to Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, for the year 2022 American should expect to make back between 53% to 58% for a bathroom renovation.

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“The house looks beautiful and we can’t believe what you have accomplished. The bathrooms look great and I love all of the finishing touches.”
—Ed & Linda Kaye, Westhampton Beach, NY

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