Brightening Up the Dining Room: A Creative Solution

Brightening Up the Dining Room: A Creative Solution

In the world of interior design, every space presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. We had the pleasure of transforming a dimly lit dining room into a bright and inviting space, all thanks to a clever solution involving the skylight.

The Challenge: Limited Natural Light

Our clients expressed the lack of light during the evening in their dining area; while a couple overhead lighting fixtures were strategically placed, it didn’t lighten the whole room and only provided a dim glow. As the table is the location of many meals and family games nights, we wanted to ensure they would have ample lighting in- of course- style.

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The Solution: Harnessing the Skylight

Upon assessing the space, we identified the skylight directly above the dining table as a potential game-changer. While it brought in some natural light during the day, it didn’t illuminate the dining area at night. Being the central location of the table, we knew that it would play a role in creating what we wanted for our clients though.

Innovative Lighting Fixture Integration

To address this issue, we proposed a creative solution: installing a rod across the skylight shaft, strategically positioned to suspend an electric lighting fixture directly over the dining table. This would not only enhance the ambient lighting but also serve as a striking design element in the room.

Execution and Results

Working closely with our trusted contractors, we carefully selected a sleek, modern rod that complemented the room’s aesthetic. The electrician then seamlessly integrated a pendant light that not only cast a warm glow over the dining area but also played off the natural light streaming through the skylight.

The Transformation: From Dim to Dazzling

The results were transformative. What was once a dimly lit corner of the house became a focal point, bathed in a soft, welcoming glow. The addition of the sleek chandelier not only addressed the functional need for better lighting but also elevated the entire dining experience for our clients and their guests.


At Dream Interiors, NY, we believe that thoughtful design solutions can turn any challenge into an opportunity for creativity and enhancement. By harnessing the existing skylight and integrating a custom lighting solution, we not only solved the problem of limited light in the dining room but also created a space that delights both aesthetically and functionally.

Stay tuned for more insights and inspirations from our latest projects. For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, feel free to reach out to us at 631-325-5900. Let’s illuminate your space together!

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