Create A Good First Impression

Create A Good First Impression

The outward appearance of your home is the first impression your house makes on any visitor. Before your guest has the opportunity to get a glimpse of your fabulous interior decor, opinions are shaped upon pulling up to your curb. To maximize your “curb appeal,” here are a few things to consider:

Take a look at your home from the curb. Does it feel welcoming? Is it a place that beckons you inside? Do you notice anything that jumps out at you and seems out of place? What is your overall impression?

Here are a few specifics to bear in mind when attempting to puy your home’s best face forward:


Replace or fix siding that is out-of-date or in need of repair.


Make sure the roof is in good shape and attractive.

Driveway and Sidewalk

Repair cracks and clean any dingy areas.


Update the landscaping so your home doesn’t look old. Make sure your plants are healthy and attractive and remove all weeds.

Shows the hands of someone gardening.


Repair damaged windows or replace with new ones


Keep them in good condition by repainting or replacing. Make sure that the color and style of your shutters is in harmony with the overall appearance of your house.


Keep your porch clutter-free and well-lit and it will be very welcoming.

An enclosed porch with furniture and plants.

Front Door

Front door of a craftsman style house.

The front door makes a huge impact on your curb appeal. If your door does not look new or fresh, replace it. If you don’t need the screen door, remove it. Screens detract from the home by hiding your beautiful door. Screen doors are also prone to very noticeable deterioration.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. So when planning your overall interior design, don’t forget to put some time and energy into your exterior design as well.

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