Curtains Can Create Good Luck

Curtains Can Create Good Luck

Here’s another Feng Shui tip from Dream Windows and Interiors.

Curtains and all the soft furnishings in your home can be designed to enhance the Feng Shui of your personal space. You can energize the elements in your home just by adding the right window treatments.

Using the five elements of wood, fire, water, earth and metal as the base, it is good to note the productive cycle of these elements. Wood produces fire which produces earth which produces metal which produces water which produces wood in a never-ending cycle. Any element combination where one produces the other is harmonious.

Chair in front of a window with curtains partly drawn
(The photo above shows an entire wrap around treatment. The sheers are imported from Poland. We used a box pleated valance and stationary panels from Robert Allen Fabric, and the trim is from RM Coco. Right: Fabric is Duralee, Hunter Douglas woven woods help keep light out. )

The directions and their elements are as follows: East and South-east are wood; South is fire; North is water; West and North-west are metal; and South-west and North-east are earth.

In a west room, white curtains are excellent for suggesting the element of metal; ideal for “deflecting” excessive yang energies of the afternoon sun.

In a bedroom that is located in the North corner of the home, an element to consider is water. Blue hues in your curtains work here and suggest water.

Feng Shui is often the place to start, the rules provide inspiration and inspire confidence in your choices.

Harmony and energy are always the goal.

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