Custom Flooring in The Hamptons: What to Consider

<strong>Custom Flooring in The Hamptons: What to Consider</strong>

  • September 19, 2022
  • Diane

Today’s topic…. Floors. Don’t think of your flooring as just a bland necessity; your flooring choice can transform a room. With so many choices, it might be hard to decide; we have a few tips on what to consider when it comes to custom flooring.


Tile isn’t just for bathrooms anymore! For many, tiles have become a staple in kitchens and other lounging areas. Fun Fact: Many of the original tile floors in the US Capitol Building lasted over 130 years before they were replaced by a preservation project. While living over 130 years may not be one of your goals, knowing your flooring will “outlive” you is a nice plus. High humidity? Porcelain tile is a formidable choice; it will help keep your rooms cool and offset the chance of mildew or mold.  Like the feel of tile but the look of wood? A granite wood style tile is a great option. We love that tile can be fun, show a personality and/or be the pinnacle piece of your room.

White Kitchen With Black And White Marble Tile Floor

Hardwood Floor

Our top choice for flooring is the timeless hardwood option; it’s natural, durable and classic. Like the paint on the walls, if your style changes, you can always sand and stain to fit your new needs. With the variety of stains, plank sizes and layout designs, wood floors can become a focal point of your room. Redoing a beach home? Pine and American Cherry are notably two species of wood that are better for homes near the beach as they tend to withstand the elements of beach life better than many of the other types.


Composite, or Engineered Wood

While pets and children are (typically) a blessing, they are not so much for hardwood floors (the marks left from our children rollerblading a decade later in our house is evidence). Likewise, if you are remodeling a home close to water or where there is a lot of moisture (and face it…. who isn’t on Long Island) a composite/ engineered wood could be a better option. Moisture in the air can negatively affect the wood floors, the build of composite/engineered wood can lessen the effect. Picture pieces of wood cut and then laid in a cross grain pattern like layers of lattice; this will protect from movement caused by moisture and lessen the chance of gaps between planks or cupping. You can still have the look of a solid hardwood but with less stress of maintaining.

Wood Floor

Not sure where to go with your flooring? Give us a call….. we will be happy to assist with your remodeling needs.

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