Design 101: Using Color to Inspire Emotion at Home

Design 101: Using Color to Inspire Emotion at Home

Colors have always been linked to emotion; from listening to “the blues” to watching our
spouse “turn red” when he looks at the receipt from our day out shopping. The
attachment or emotion we link to various colors is based off our experiences; we form a
collective association of the color to a specific feeling. Like the smell of butterscotch
may bring waves of memories of your grandmother, a specific hue can produce a
similar affect. Sometimes the color associations are due to what our culture collectively
portrays; the red of the Scarlett letter or Eve’s apple to the white purity of a wedding
dress. Choosing the perfect colors in your home can have a lasting effect on your mood
and general enjoyment in your space.

Creating Cozy, Comfortable, Yet Colorful Rooms

Warmed-toned neutrals and earth tones are great for any space that you want to make
cozy. These hues are gentle on the eye and tend to mimic colors often found in nature-
bringing us to a simpler state of mind and allowing us to relax. These colors are great in
bedrooms, living rooms and even the whimsical nook.

Evoking Emotion While Infusing Impact & Energy

In other areas of the home, vibrant, saturated colors are a great option. Like a tall glass
of OJ, these colors will give you the energy for your day’s tasks. Pairing bright painted
walls with complementary colors help to create this impact. Likewise, adding plants and
flowers can give you these color additions in a more natural way. Entertaining areas,
home offices, playrooms and kitchens are all great locations for adding these hues.

Soothing a Space with Less Saturated, Subtle Shades

Colors that are a bit less saturated, like blues and greens in pastel and cool tones, are
great for spaces that soothe and relax. While you want to include a variety of color in
any space, you do not want it to be too overwhelming in these rooms in such a way you
can’t relax. Don’t take our word for it? It is actually scientifically proven. British
papermaker G.F. Smith found that navy blue is the “most relaxing color in the world”.
Just as most people are drawn to beach houses and lake houses during their downtime,
water is seen as a relaxation trigger and the navy blue reminds us of the blue water.

Visit our instagram in June for a “Tribute to Color” where we explore color choice……
If you’re ready to create a color-filled space perfectly suited to your desired emotions,
reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear about your project.

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