DIY Quarantine Projects.

DIY Projects You Can Tackle During Quarantine Looking for a productive way to pass the time while social distancing? Many of us are starting to get a little stir crazy with all of the time spent inside. Fortunately, you can channel your energy into projects that will make your home cozier, better looking, and more valuable.  DIY’s around the house are an excellent use of your inside time. If you find the right project, you can even make a big impact on your home’s sale price down the road! Here is a look at a few of the best projects—big and small—you can tackle around the house.  Prepwork For Big Renovations All this time spent in your home might have made you realize that, once quarantine is over, you’d like to make some big changes. For example, you may want to get new flooring put in, have a new bathtub installed, or replace your windows—which Redfin notes could be particularly wise choices for your downtime if you anticipate a future home sale. Depending on your area, you may or may not be able to get pros in to handle these big changes during social distancing. If you can’t, however, you may still be able to tackle some of the prepwork.  Take new flooring as an example. If there’s only one room that needs a revamp, you can work on packing up any rarely used items in that room and, if possible, even moving furniture and other big items out of the space entirely. This way, once things open up again, you can have the work completed as quickly as possible! 

New accessories and rugs can revamp an entire space.

Easy Home Jobs  There are other renovations you can make all on your own, no pro required. Noticing a room feels a little bit bland? SFGate suggests painting a single wall with an accent color to give it a nice pop. Even renters can get in on the action with peelable wallpapers (check your lease to make sure these are allowed, and make sure you invest in a brand with good reviews confirming it’s actually removable).  You can also take this opportunity to make some minor repairs around the home. If you have a sink that won’t drain or your showerhead leaks, look into figuring out how to solve the problem. These small jobs are often relatively easy to handle on your own. However, follow some sort of guide and don’t improvise—winging it is the fastest way to wind up with a big mess that does need a professional. 

Accent wall for entertainment.

Little Decor Changes  For an inexpensive DIY project, consider some minor decor changes you can make around the house. Small hardware upgrades, such as new cabinet pulls or curtain rods, can have a surprisingly big impact on the aesthetic of a room. Although they may be small, these kinds of minor accents can bring a room’s look together, and have the potential to define a space. Try swapping some hardware out for something new and see how it changes your room’s look.  Even something as simple as rearranging the furniture in a room can make a big difference. Look into a few different room layout ideas to get inspiration and see if there’s a more functional way to arrange your space. A new layout can make you feel like you’re in an entirely different room, and can give tired furniture a fresh feel.  Finally, consider investing in couch covers, table cloths, and other removable items that can upgrade your room’s look. Couch covers in particular can be great for people whose couch is stained or starting to wear down – you can easily get a few more years out of a couch by finding a fashionable cover to keep overtop of it. Not only will it make it look nicer, but it will prevent further wear and tear.  Around-the-house DIYs might just be the thing you need to make quarantine tolerable. Not only will you have a project to dedicate your spare time to, but you’ll also get to reap the rewards right away. After all, if you’re going to be stuck in your home, it may as well look great! 

Spring is in the air with floral arrangements.

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