We love the outdoors. As interior designers, we love the outdoors even more when we can
create an inspiring area that is a true extension of your home’s living space. Some of our most
fun projects include the design of outdoor living spaces!

Here we share five easy steps for transforming your outdoor space into another comfortable
living area of your home that your and your family will enjoy! Looking to sell? Outdoor
updates also increase buyers appeal!

Step 1: Imagine How You Want To Use Your Outdoor Space 
Set your stage! First consider the size and layout of your outdoor area. Research ideas you
want to pursue and what you want included. Anything is possible.  Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with your outdoor living area? Do you want a quiet spot for morning coffee, an entertaining space for family and friends, or a lush garden area that inspires your appreciation for the great outdoors?


BIZ LOCATION cream outdoor drapery patio seating teal sofa custom.jpg

Step 2: Add Simple Furniture & Layouts

Have a seat! Comfortable outdoor seating can be just as intimate as your interior family
room! Choose outdoor furniture pieces that can withstand the elements of your geographic
location. Place the furniture in intimate arrangements so that you and your guests can feel at
home and together. Make sure you have enough seating for the amount of people that would
normally join you, if space allows. Add a coffee table and side tables next to the seating for
serving drinks and food. Choose a dining t
able that accommodates you entire family! 
One of our favorite additions when designing and outdoor space is a fire pit. These can be fueled by propane and are so easy to use. just push a button and voila! No rubbing two sticks together. Pull up a few chairs, toss on a blanket and watch the stars!

create outdoor seating sofa pillows wood table pool.png

Step 3: Layer in Some Elements of Comfort

Take a nap! Weather resistant fabrics have come a long way! Outdoor fabrics come in a soft,
gorgeous array of fabrics and pattern. Have fun with it! Go pillow crazy and add a lush, blanket or two for those chilly nights! An outdoor rug will help tie the space together. Oh, and I love a good hammock for afternoon naps!
outdoor seating pillows in hanging swing black white.png

Step 4: Create a Beautiful Table Setting

Set your table! When entertaining you don’t have to stick to paper goods, although some are
now offered in beautiful and fun patte
rns. Food brings everyone together! Set the table with
placemats, colorful glasses and serveware that fits your personality or meal . Or make it a
theme. A beautiful tablescape adds to the intimacy and f
un of the meal.
BIZ LOCATION outdoor patio garden blue pillow table runners wine styled.png
Step 5: Add Some Final, Impactful Touches

Small touches are huge! Cut some garden blooms for you
r centerpiece. Roll out the bar cart
complete with all of your favorite drink needs. Add
 that bowl of bright lemons and limes. Candles and tiki torches add atmosphere and help keep the  bugs away.  Can you string lights across the patio? This will help create that finishing touch to a beautiful space.  These little touches give even the smallest of spaces big impact.
outdoor patio seating lights sofa white drapery candles romantic oasis.png
BIZ LOCATION white pillow wooden table seating flowers in jar.png

BIZ LOCATION wine glasses outdoor tray bench white black red pillows custom.png

Your outdoor space can be the perfect escape, and an extension of your home! Why not give
it as much attention and detail as your interiors?

Have a question about staging your outdoor space? Ask us in the comments below!



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