Everything you Need to Know About Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space

Everything you Need to Know About Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space

Like a pair of skinny jeans, designing the “perfect” outdoors space is not a one-size-fits-all task; everyone has their own unique perspective of their personal oasis. To get started, it is important to determine the primary goals of your space…….. maybe you are looking for a place to entertain guests, maybe a place where you can find tranquility alone, or maybe a place where you can send your children and lock the doors so you can get some peace inside!

Daydream… Then Decide on Your Spaces Purpose

In your ultimate fantasy, what would your use your outdoor space for? Like Clark Griswold imagining his anticipated pool, really think about the purpose of your space. Are you looking for a serene location to sip on your morning coffee? Perhaps a place for the fourth of July BBQ and family gatherings. Daydreaming about what the space could (and should) be used for will help determine the different items you will purchase.


Get Inspired, Then Go Shopping for Quality Outdoor Furniture

Once you have an idea of what you want, look for some inspiration of how it can be achieved. Peek over the fence at your neighbors’ homes (with their permission of course), check out social media and other venues. There are a plethora of ideas out there….. no need to reinvent the wheel! Of course, when you purchase your items, you might want to switch things up to fit your unique self and needs. Once you have established what you want, it’s time to find it. While you might think that the outdoor pieces are, well, just outdoor pieces, don’t be cheap with these purchases…… getting quality pieces is key if you want them to last. Some great material for outdoor furniture are man-made fabrics- like polyester with a protective coating; these tend to be engineered to outstand the natural elements. Polypropylene is an optimal choice as well; given it’s high UV resistance it is commonly used for marine gear.



While I love my neighbors, I do not wish to see them cooking on their grill or mowing their lawns on hot days with their shirts off. When establishing your perfect outdoor space, landscaping is a must. Maybe it’s to block out the unsightly AC unit or to establish a perimeter around your castle. Choosing the right plants for the right location is key; you don’t want to have your plants in the middle of your yard basking in the sun….. you won’t have them too long then!


Plan It Out, Then Purposefully Layer Furniture, Accessories and Decor

Outdoor spaces aren’t much different from indoor; you want to start with the ground up. Likewise, you want to choose your “bigger items” then fill in the with the smaller “accessories”. First, choose the large purchases, whether it be a backyard dining set, the new grill with all the gadgets or the addition of a pool. Plan out where these essentials will be, then sprinkle in the plants, flowers and smaller items that will make your backyard closer to your vision.

Ready for an outdoor space that leaves you speechless (in the best way)? Contact us and we’d be delighted to help!

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