IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME. THAT’S RIGHT… SUMMERTIME.  After a trying spring, we are all more than ready for summer, so why not get your home ready too!  If we can’t be out and about when summer hits, we may as well have our home feel like summer.

1. Slipcovers & Lots of Pillows.

Change is good! I look forward to this time when I change out my slipcovers and pillows for a brighter, fresher hue! I go from dark grey to white in summer and add pops of color with my toss pillows. Depending on how I feel, I’ll add bright colors like oranges and yellows to aquas and blues. You don’t have to break the bank here either. While I invested in the slipcovers, the pillows can be found at inexpensive retails stores like Target, Home Goods and  online at  Etsy and Amazon. Yes, interior designers love Target and Home Goods too! A little color goes a long way and livens up my home for the summer months. Pillows are one the easiest ways to spruce up a space so why not have fun with it!

white cuddle chair and throw pillows near window

Diane Bianchini, interior designer of this condo

2. Windows that let the sun shine in.

Your home deserves all that summer sunlight too.  Freshen up your windows with a lighter fabric drape that allows sunlight to filter in. If you still need to rely on a blackout shade, they come in  beautifully blended linens and cottons for a softer, lighter look. Keep them open often and let the sun shine in. An entire room can change just by letting that beautiful, warm light in. white laced curtain inside room   pillows on bed

3. Cozy, Light Bedding.

Go light, white and bright with your bedding.  Go ahead and add fun and floral patterns too. Change the flannel sheets for crisp, light cottons.  Nothing feels as cozy and rewarding at the end of a long day, than having a comfortably styled bed. bed sheet near glass window silver MacBook on top of white-and-blue bedding set white and blue pillows beside brown table lamp

4. Accessories that match the season.

Accessorize for Summer.  Fill decorative bowls with beach finds like seashells, sea glass and driftwood.  Bring out your colorful plate assortment, serve ware and linens.  Heavy candle sticks can be stored and replaced with summery lanterns.  Replace heavy wool throw blankets with light cotton and linen ones. All these little touches evoke a feeling of summertime that come fall you wont want to part with! assorted seashell lot   cloth on plate  

4. Refresh with flowers and fruit.

Sure, why not! Add fresh flowers to vases throughout the  home.  Colorful stems from the garden and even bright green succulents give such a cool, refreshing energy to any room.  Being out in the Hamptons, gorgeous blue and purple hydrangeas are a plenty, and some of my clients have been kind enough to share their cuttings with me so that almost every room in my home gets a bunch. Hint, hint, Ill take any cuttings from any garden! Once warm weather hits I also always keep fresh fruits on my counter. They look fabulous and are easily available for me to snack on! orange petaled flower bouquet on vase blue and white flowers     orange citrus fruits on in bowl


Since we are already changing our furniture, windows, bedding and accessories why  not go light underfoot! Area rugs can be easily traded out. Replace heavy, dark wool rugs with colorful cotton rugs or sisal and jute for an outdoor, summery feel.  In summer I tend to gravitate towards easy, washable cotton rugs since I’m in and out all day.  We keep a few smaller ones in our studio so that clients can pop in, grab and go!   assorted-color textiles Colorful rug highlights blue sitting area.   Have a question about refreshing a room? Leave us a comment or call us to ask us how we can help you get your home ready for summer. Cheers, Diane

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