Guide to A Girl’s Room: A Room Sleeping Beauty Would Be Envious Of….. Well When She Wakes Up!)

Guide to A Girl’s Room: A Room Sleeping Beauty Would Be Envious Of….. Well When She Wakes Up!)

Sharing a room growing up always made for a mishmash of “décor”; New Kids On The Block posters mixed with the collection of my sister’s creepy dolls (their eyes still haunt me). Worse, coming from a big family, updating rooms was far and few between; the wall border of clowns holding heart balloons were a staple in the room up until my high school years when my sister and I took it upon ourselves to rip it down and speed the process. I had decided at that point that- when I had children- they would have a “dream” room.

Hanging Chair & Hidden Desk

One of the focal points in my daughter’s room is her hanging egg chair nested in the nook. We often hear the shrieks of her friends when they enter for the first time only to be overcome by the need to jump in and swing. In addition to being a source of envy and quasi- jungle gym at times, the chair is extremely functional. We walk past our daughter’s room pretty frequently and find her curled up with a favorite book. Moreover, when matched up with a folding desk, it was a great place for her to complete her work; the high enclosed eggshell walls helped to limit distraction caused by her little brother. The hidden wall desk is a great asset. In this particular case, it would have been hard for a traditional desk to fit with the wall chair; both in height and needed depth to keep it was being dinged by the chair. If you have a smaller room, this is as innovative as the old Murphy bed concept; a hidden gem waiting until you are ready to use.

Vanity & Affirmation Wall

Like the evil stepmother in Snow White everyone needs a speaking mirror to let them know how beautiful they are. While a magical, talking evil inciting mirror is a bit hard to locate, mixing a functional vanity with an affirmation wall seemed a great alternative. Choosing a vanity that wouldn’t be outgrown too quickly and had enough storage was a selling point for us; nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on the “princess of the week” only for your daughter to request a new one a few weeks later. To give constant reminders of the true beauty within- among other declarations and positive messages- we made an adjacent affirmation wall; surprising her ever so often with new additions.  

Chalkboard Paint

Who says kids shouldn’t write on walls? While chalkboards are being replaced to smartboards in classrooms across the globe, the ancient method of writing has found a place in households. Chalkboard paint is a great way to change an unused space into a functional use. While I wouldn’t suggest painting a whole room with chalkboard paint, a focal wall is a great way for your children to explore their creativity.

Adding these fun elements allow the space to really become our children’s own. Whether the room of a teenager who has outgrown Mickey Mouse to an expected newcomer to your family, we are here to help transform your space.


At Dream Interiors NY, we welcome the opportunity to transform your princess’s room (no matter how old she may be!)

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