Halloween Hows: Transforming Your Halloween Décor from Ghastly (bad) to Ghastly (frightful)

Halloween Hows: Transforming Your Halloween Décor from Ghastly (bad) to Ghastly (frightful)

  • September 30, 2022
  • Diane

As the colors begin to change outside and the summer heat (hopefully) dies down, images of miniature
ghosts and goblins invading our homes with request of treats commonly creep into our thoughts. While
wanting to celebrate the festivities, you might feel that the pumpkin garbage bags filled with leaves and
the twenty oversized inflatables are a bit too tacky (no judgement here! If that is your jam then do your
thing). There are many other furnishings that can be added to give your home the perfect mix of classy,
Halloween spirit; transforing your Halloween decor from ghastly (bad) to ghastly (frightful).


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Carved Pumpkins….. a staple of the Halloween spirit. For me, the release of any pent-up frustrations of
the day (or week) taken out on the unsuspecting, oversized vegetable. For a classier pumpkin appeal, try
carving your pumpkin with different patterns; a mixture of geometric shapes that match (or create a
new style) in the space. If you want to display your creations, I suggest leaving them outside (if- for no
other reason- the safety of the open flame we all forget to blow out!) For those who missed the artistic card or just can’t stand finding pumpkin seeds months after carving, artificial pumpkins are a great fit; from realistic looking foam that can be carved to ceramic gourds already embellished with
decorative attributes.

Dark Blooms

Darkblooms 3

Flowers don’t need to be dead to have a spooky appeal…. there are many that are naturally “darker”
and appear somewhat supernatural. Particularly paired with their spooky name, Witch Hazel, Bat
Flower, Devil’s Claw, Deadly Night Shades and Ghost plants are among many plants that add a sinister
atmosphere to a space. If you are more traditional, black roses and burnt orange sunflowers are a
formidable choice.

Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirror

Clowns, Spiders, Mondays….. everybody has their fears. For some, antique mirrors are a source of
anxiety. We have all seen the movies where a character unknowingly purchases an antique mirror only
to be sucked in or for demonic creatures to escape out from. Antique mirrors are an upscale Halloween
appeal that can seemingly slip into the decor. From ornate Baroque to Victorian accents, antique mirrors
can also be the focal point of your room.
It has been said that we never really see ourselves, just our reflections…. For some that is scary enough!


Spooky Statues

I wouldn’t suggest gory; sometimes simply attributes can cause the spine-chilling effect. Anything that looks aged can give it this appeal. Particularly busts and statues of items and animals traditionally linked as spooky are great choices. Unless you are aiming for a Dia de los Muerte look, darker and monotone statues are the perfect choice.

Physician Appeal

Physician 1

You have probably heard about arachnophobia, claustrophobia, but have you heard of Iatrophobia? Many people self-proclaim they have iatrophobia, a fear of doctors. In truth, the fear stems more from the anxiety of not knowing what the doctor may determine rather than the individual. Likewise, we tend to associate doctors with the somewhat unwelcoming attribute of the settings in which we find them- sterile and often cold environment. How can this play into your classy Halloween theme? Again, avoiding (or limiting) gore is the better route. Placing old apothecaries along with old surgical tools and physician diagrams of skeletons and human organs can be a great addition.

Frightening Flames


Perhaps there is a reason that scary stories are often told around the campfire; we are often
mesmerized by the leaping flames that seem to have a life of their own. Candles can be a great addition
to your Halloween theme; from black or red candlesticks to candleholders that complement the mood.
Whether a candelabra with multiple arms, chamberstick candle holders with their often-small stature or
hurricane candle holders with their traditional rustic appeal, they are all great pieces to add to the space
that allow the flame to dance and mesmerize. Similarly, with so many different shapes and designs
votive candles are a great option.

Finding any of your living space ghastly (whether bad or frightful) all year round? We are hear to help
you with all of your interior decorating needs.

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