WER’E BACK!  Summer was good to us so we have been busy, busy, busy but we MISSED YOU AND OUR BLOG. With Fall quickly approaching what better time to get back in the groove of sharing!

While bidding goodbye to summer is certainly enough to make us cry, it is also bittersweet when that first green leaf turns to autumn colors! FALL  IS A WELCOMED SIGHT! Who doesn’t love hot lattes, the yellow and burgundy mums, pumpkins on the doorstep and cozy outdoor fires? To the decorating enthusiast, FALL IS SO INSPIRING!

To us here at DREAM WINDOWS & INTERIORS, this time of year signals the fun of making your home feel like Fall on the inside too!

We are in the mood for sharing so here are some tips to get your space warm and cozy for the coming months. Creating a cozy space can give peaceful vibe, be inspiring and have a comforting warm atmosphere, and you can easily do it without feeling cluttered from summer!

photo of gel candle on board beside pillow

Now is the time LAYER ON THE FABRICS.  Make texture a priority! Layering does not mean cluttering.  Don’t decorate for the pure sake of decorating. Be meaningful.

Swap out the summer, lightweight throws and pillows for knitted, weighty textures. Go heavier with the bedding, add that amber hued throw over the end of your bed, sofa or ottoman. I promise this is where your pets will hang out too. Gravitate towards the chunky cable knits, suede, wool and faux furs.  Heck, I would even throw a leather pillow in the mix! Why not? I love those heavier accents that make me want to light the fire and cuddle up with a cup of Joe and juicy book.


person wearing gray sock standing on stairs

dog on sofa

woman reading book

Remove the now dried hydrangeas and replace with long stemmed plumes of wheatgrass, pampas and yarrow.  If you can’t cut from outside, many shops carry amazing look a likes! Put in glass vases to show off the seasonal stems or wood vases for a heavier Fall look.   You can add one simple vase with one single sprig or a small tied bunch to the mantel or kitchen island. Sometimes LESS IS MORE, and I always say when sprucing up a space for the season to edit the cluttered spaces and keep the new decor simple so those few items are appreciated.  Your Fall vibe does not need to feel overdone.  Remove the summer collection of shells and driftwood and go for dried apricots, acorns and autumn vegetables like squashes and baby pumpkins.  Add candles with cinnamon, apple and earthy scents.  Anything that makes you feel like Fall and cooking a pot of soup will work!

white ceramic mug ner dried leaves and orange string light


Don’t forget to remove those lightweight throw rugs. Replace with heavier wools underfoot or go for the faux fur sheepskin. Feel free to LAYER your rugs too.  Your feet want cozy too at this time of year!  Faux sheepskins are also great accents over seating.

green potted plant on white round table

table lamp beside sofa

ENJOY getting cozy. It’s our favorite time of year! Want to keep making an impression all year long? Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get inspired!





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  • Dolores Wood
    | 29 September 2020

    Great blog. I’m glad you’re back. I really got some good ideas from this. Thanks

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