Home Finishes That Can Easily Withstand Your 2- or 4-Legged Children

Home Finishes That Can Easily Withstand Your 2- or 4-Legged Children

Paws and nails. Gym and school bags thrown. Outside shoes on inside carpets. Life with pets and kids can be hard on your home! To keep your home looking new (or at the very least not a disaster) having a home that supports the lifestyle and can withstand your daily activities is essential.

Finish #1: High- Quality Hard Flooring

With children and pets, your floor takes the biggest beating. Have you ever notice that it is somehow impossible for children to understand how dragging the toys, chairs and smaller siblings (who are typically trying to claw at the floor for dear life to stop this madness) across the wood floor is not ideal? Or how you mop only to find dog paws a few moments after? It is important to find flooring that is tough enough to withstand your kids and pets. Perhaps most important….. one that is easy to clean. In addition to being out of style, shag carpet would not be ideal with dog fur, arts and crafts and the- dare I say it- play dough obsession. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and porcelain tile are all great options; they look amazing and are durable.

Finish #2: Performance Fabric for Furniture Pieces

Looking for fabrics that can stand up against uncut pet nails and the messes that children traditionally bring can seem like a difficult feat; we have you (and your furniture) covered. Performance fabrics are specifically made to withstand wear and tear and can be easily washed. Likewise, indoor/outdoor fabrics are great options because they, too, are designed specifically for high traffic. Fabrics with high rub count also tend to be more kid and pet proof!

Finish #3: Durable Selections for Daily Surfaces

Similar to the bathroom top, high gloss items and paints are surfaces that are easily maintained and easy for wiping. Countertops- like granite- that traditionally had a bad rap when combined with kids have new sealants that have proved to be lifesavers. Having countertops that are non-porous are essential; this will resist staining, impact and mild heat. Child decided to conduct arts and crafts on the breakfast bar? No problem…. those marker doodles can be wiped right up. Something heavy dropped on the counter? No worries, the counter can withstand the impact.

Form and functionality can be achieved…. even with kids and pets in the mix! While this can add some obstacles, we are up for the challenge! Helping our clients design homes that meet their needs and lifestyle (and their dependents) is what we do and love!

If you’re ready for a home that supports everyday life (even when it gets messy), I would be honored to help. Reach out and let’s chat!

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