How to Choose the Perfect Color for Curb Appeal

How to Choose the Perfect Color for Curb Appeal

  • November 16, 2023
  • Diane

Do you ever watch the home makeover shows? They do an amazing job transforming the old, out of date spaces inside to something more beautiful, more useable and- well- better! Perhaps my favorite part of the experience though (along with my own experience in my field), is the look on the homeowner’s face when they first see the transformation. In many of these shows, they start with having the family pull up to their old “new” house with a larger than life photograph of the former home. After what must seem like an eternity to those waiting to see their new home, they move the picture away to reveal the new façade. In 99% of the cases, the landscape is altered, the walkway transformed and the exterior of the home is painted.

We all know the importance of curb appeal; we also know how we shrink in embarrassment at times when the lawn might be out of control or when we just haven’t had time to weed the flower beds. Perhaps the most pivotal attribute is the exterior paint; we might find the house of our dreams but can’t get past the fact that it is painted like Barbie’s dreamhouse. Selecting statement-making exterior color schemes is one of the many services I like to provide for my clients looking for a transformation.

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Figure Out the Look & Feel You’re Longing For

Since changing your exterior paint is not as common as changing your underwear, it’s a decision with long-term effects. In determining the color, you need to decide what you want the look and feel of your home to be. When people drive past do you want your house to exemplify boldness, sophistication, classic or eclectic appeal or maybe a neutral, welcoming feel? The style of your home should also be taken in account; certain style homes are traditionally paired with specific color palettes. Colonial and Tudor homes, for instance, have historical colors whereas contemporary homes tend to be more diverse in color selection.

Work with a Pro to Pare Down Palette Options

Working with a pro to pare down palette options is a great investment. Pros can not only guide you with the style of you the home in mind, but are knowledgeable in terms of HOA requirements, architectural details and other- many times- overlooked pieces. While you would have the ultimate say, pros can help you narrow down the choices and help guide you to long lasting appeal.

Wooden Paintbrush With Neutral Swatches How To Choose Your Exterior Color Scheme Based On The Style Of Your Home

Select Accent Colors for a Stunning Designer Finish

Once you have narrowed down the primary color of your home, you will want to choose an accent color that enhances the overall attractiveness. Having a solid color scheme will make your architectural details pop; allowing the eye to focus on the columns, stonework, shutter, trims and doors of the home. Deciding if you want bold accents to enhance the differences or more subtle colors to minimize can help you decide your overall look. I love driving up to a traditionally painted colonial home and find a bold red door or shutters that scream for attention. Obviously ensuring that a tactful, bold color is chosen is key!

If you’re ready for a professional to help pick the perfect palette for your unique home, we’d be delighted to help! Reach out today! P.S. Don’t forget to leave the actual painting to the pros.

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