How to Start a Beautifully Curated Art Collection

Okay, let’s talk about ART. Did you know it can make spaces look bigger? Add interest? Harmonize colors? Start conversations? Put you in the mood? And so much more.

If you haven’t taken art seriously in your home before, it’s not too late to start! I’ve come up with a few ideas on starting an art collection you love — and trust me, they are simple and satisfying!

Anyone, and I mean anyone can start their own art collection. You don’t need a Picasso or Renoir either to be an art collector. Art can be paintings, prints or creative decor pieces you love. Whatever you consider to be art can be collected and displayed beautifully.  While I am no expert, I’ve learned a thing or two in collecting creative pieces so here are some tips on creating your own collection!

woman in black off-shoulder long sleeved mini dress standing in front of painting in museum

1. Create Your Art Collection’s Budget

First, art doesn’t always have to break the bank unless you really are looking for that Picasso, Renoir or any expensive established artist’s work.  Art can be found in any form you like and in any budget.  Art fairs and flea markets sometimes can have the best finds if you are willing to go on the hunt and are not looking for any artist in particular.  I once stumbled upon what I consider to be my favorite floral print at a side road flea market, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces in my home.  If you have an artist in mind that you love invest in their work. Up and coming artists are easier to find in print stores, and of course, on most shoppable art websites.  Established galleries will carry more expensive studio pieces and if you can’t afford those you can always window shop and drool like I do until you find something just as glorious but less costly.

Keep in mind an art collection doesn’t happen overnight. Set aside funds each month if you have costly, grand art dreams or buy as you find and can afford. The best way to create a collection is over time.

painting over fireplace

2. Seek Art that Moves You

Go on an art journey! Keep in mind that art isn’t about what is most popular or what other people consider to be art.  Art is how those pieces make you feel and whether or not YOU like them.  I’m always referring my readers to Pinterest. I get so much inspiration from other people’s pins and an art search would be no different. Go to flea markets, museums and pop up art shows. Explore what you like, follow your gut and trust what speaks to you!

painting of natures

3. Get Adventurous with Art

Be adventurous!  Remember, I said art doesn’t have to be a print or painting. I have a few gorgeous pottery bowls and sculptures I’ve collected over time. Several years ago I was in Hawaii and fell in love with Maui.  Not long after my return, I discovered the artist John Stobart who paints historical maritime art from around the world. I found a print of the harbor at Lahaina and so I bought it. It will always remind me of that great trip. Art can be anything you love.

I have always found that having mixed pieces of art in the home creates a cozier, more interesting atmosphere.  Don’t be afraid to add art to your home.  Your home should be about you and what you love. There’s always room for art no matter what the form!

decorative plate lot

4. Get Creative with Art Placement

Use the unexpected places. Art does’t only have to be on displayed on a wall or table. You can incorporate art into the most unexpected places like bookshelves, your desk, the bathroom vanity or even on your kitchen counter. Display your pieces where you will most enjoy them. Don’t be shy about putting that seductive print in your boudoir either. Art is inspiring and can be mood provoking! If you already have a few pieces you can also display them together to create that collected look. My print from Hawaii  is hung above my fireplace and I have purchased other Stobart pieces from various ports we have visited. I get to see them everyday!

abstract painting on wall


BIZ LOCATION art panel photography soothing collection.jpg

Collecting art doesn’t have to feel like pressure or a job. Go for it when you are ready or maybe you will even stumble upon some great pieces like I did, when you aren’t even looking! That’s the thing about art. There is no rhyme or reason if you don’t want there to be. It’s a great exploration and a fun hobby too! Happy hunting!





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