How to treat your windows right

How to treat your windows right

  • December 14, 2011
  • Diane

Custom Window Treatments

Looking out the window of your home in the Hamptons offers beautiful sights to behold. Well, looking at your windows should yield the same thing. How to create that sensation? Diane Bianchini, owner of Dream Windows & Interiors in Westhampton, shares her expert insights.

The Question: I’ve looked at ready made curtains for my home, and so many of them look the same. I have a few rooms that need new drapes and want to learn more about custom window treatments—what’s the difference?

DIane Bianchini, Owner of Dream Windows & Interiors in Westhampton

Diane Bianchini says: The investment of carefully chosen window treatments can yield results for years. That’s the answer when people question the how and why of custom window treatments.

In fact, custom window treatments offer an unlimited selection of fabric choices, so you have a fabric that perfectly complements your decor. And you have a designed treatment that exactly fits your window. Much like fine art or furniture, window treatments are an investment in your home. Generally speaking, you can expect your custom window treatments to last about 10 years.

Ralph Lauren swags Custom window treatments are produced with higher quality fabrics and linings. In addition to the obvious practical functions, they can be used to set a mood, enhance the home’s style, or create illusions.

There is usually more attention to details, such as trim, pattern matching or specialty pleating—just a few of the extras that make it special for your room.

Custom Window TreatmentsCoco channel

A window treatment specialist will evaluate the windows in your home and make recommendations as to what styles and fabrics are best to use. For instance, an upholstery-weight fabric would not be the best choice for a treatment that swags.

Certain fabrics like silk need to be both interlined and lined so they will have body and be protected from the sun’s rays.

Silk Window Treatment If the drape is to function it must be installed on a quality drapery rod. This rod could be decorative, such as a pole with rings, or nondecorative, in which case it would get installed under a valance or cornice.

cornice drapes When working with a professional you will be offered fabrics that work in your space and fit within your budget. Once a few fabrics are selected, a memo sample will be ordered. It is important to see the fabric in the room in which it will eventually hang. The wall color, lighting and other furnishings in the room all need to be taken into consideration. Remember, you want this to be a showcase, whether it’s close up or from afar. Consideration needs to be given to the print in relation to the size of a treatment.

And today, many professionals have software that illustrates the design, and is superimposed on a photo of the window: no more guesswork, but rather an accurate rendering of how the finished product looks.

queen ann Much like a fine painting, drapes need to be installed professionally. The rods need to be hung at the proper heights if the drapery is to traverse. A valance may need to be hung at a certain height so the shade beneath is hidden when raised. Cords need to be properly fastened and checked for proper functionality.

Custom shades are now compliant with child safety standards that have arisen over the past few years due to poorly manufactured shades and blinds mass produced in China.

striped shade Your home is an investment, and custom window treatments represent an understanding of the value of that investment.

Have more questions about window treatments for your home? You can contact me at Dream Windows & Interiors at 631-325-5900, or visit our showroom at 29 Montauk Highway, Westhampton, NY 11977 and always online at

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