How to Use Curtains to Make a Room Look Larger

How to Use Curtains to Make a Room Look Larger

  • September 27, 2023
  • Diane

We all know that wearing black will make us appear skinner and that vertical lines are a fashion trick to look longer and slimmer…… did you know that curtains can have a similar effect for a room? Gorgeous drapery can help to make your room feel taller, wider and more elegant and- in some cases- help to increase the perceived value of your home. We have three secret tips for hanging your drapery to enhance any space.

Master Bedroom With Lots Of Windows And Curtains That Let In Natural Light How To Use Curtains To Make Rooms Look Larger

Tip #1: Rod Placement Should Be Purposeful

First off- the hardware placement! Installing the curtain rod several inches above the window casing, centered between the casing and the ceiling, is the best placement to make the room feel taller. Many people will associate the size of the curtain as parallel to the size of the respective window therefore they will think the window itself appears to be bigger. Since windows size tends to be a perceived ratio this will then make the room appear to be larger.

Sheer And Blackout Curtains Hung Together In Open Concept Living And Dining Room How To Use Curtains To Make Rooms Look Larger

Tip #2: Bracket Location Should Be a Big Deal

Just as hanging the rod higher will make the room taller, hanging the mounting brackets several inches to the side of the window will make it seem wider. Further, when the curtains are opened, this will allow the curtain fabric to hang off to the side of the window, letting the optimal light in. Having a brighter room will also make the space feel larger and open.

Sheer Curtains On Bedroom Window With Vaulted Ceiling How To Use Curtains To Make Rooms Look Larger

Tip #3: Drapery Length Should Be Deliberate

Perhaps the most obvious, drapery length should be deliberate. Your curtains shouldn’t second as the broom, pooling at the bottom and collecting the dust below. Similarity, it shouldn’t be too short as this will make the space look smaller. Having drapery barely skimming the ground is the optimal length; this helps elevate the look of the room itself.

While these three steps might seem tedious, it will go a long way towards creating a space that looks its best and feels effortlessly elegant. Whether the curtains for your primary residence, a rental or a potential sale, these are small steps to increase appeal and value.

If you’re ready for a professional to manage all the details and bring your dream space to life, let’s talk! We’d be delighted to help.

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