Keeping Your Bathroom Upscaled and Ready for Selling Your Home

Keeping Your Bathroom Upscaled and Ready for Selling Your Home

We’ve all been there. An unexpected guest stops by and- in the midst of the visit- needs to use the facilities. Your face immediately turns red as you rush to grab the dirty laundry from the floor; using the shirt to quickly wipe down the vanity. If you decide to sell your home, don’t overlook the bathroom. We have all heard that you should keep the tub in case you sell one day and it is a family with children or don’t use outrageous wall colors….. here are a few other tips to get it in selling shape.

Tip #1: Don’t Proceed Without a Deep Clean

A deep clean in the bathroom is essential prior to showing a listing; a new owner doesn’t want to clean leftover messes…. particularly in the bathroom! When potential buyers go to open houses what they see is what they feel is what they will get. Pull out the old elbow grease and clean that grout. Wipe off the years of caked dust from the lights. Polish the fixtures. Wipe down the windows and mirrors. This should be a bathroom Mr.Clean would be proud in!

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Tip #2: Do Make Minor Cosmetic Updates

While we wouldn’t suggest to employ a contractor and do a total renovation of the bathroom if you are planning on selling, making minor updates to different elements would be advisable. Items that show signs of wear or age can easily be something the potential buyer would focus on. Retouching the ceiling and walls is also a best practice. Similar to repainting to neutral colors, if you have a wallpaper that dates the room or that is something only a few would be fond of, consider removing. While you may not want the cost of replacing vanities and storage, simply changing out hardware can help increase the appeal.

Tip #3: Do Create an Appealing Atmosphere

Creating a neutral, appealing atmosphere is key. Make sure to remove any clutter you have….. pull down the hanging towel rack to open the space. Remove all your personal items (do you really want to chance strangers walking around with your toothbrush in full view?) Fresh, neatly folded towels can help create the atmosphere. New soaps or candles can heighten other senses. A plant or two can give the serene feel.

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If you need assistance staging a bathroom with function and appeal, we are here to assist!

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