Listing Your Home? Here Are 4 Things to Update Before You Do…

Listing Your Home? Here Are 4 Things to Update Before You Do…

Are you preparing to sell your home, but feel unsure about whether to make updates? It can be difficult to know what will help to increase your sale price without making a large investment. Making smart updates can easily increase your home’s sale price without breaking the bank. Below, check out four ways you can prepare your home wisely and maximize ROI without having to take out a second mortgage for the updates!

Tip #1: Freshen Up with a Nice, Neutral Coat of Paint

What if you found the house of your dreams….. but all the walls were painted in a bright tie dye? Sure- a solid paint job can easily convert it to a proper home- but we all know how first impressions are. It might be hard for potential buyers to look past these bright colors or the custom painted wall mural of your favorite family member. Both the interior and exterior color of your home can have dramatic influence on the offers you receive. Seeking professional help can also help nail down the right color choice.

Modern Chandelier In Home With Gray Walls Updates That Raise Home Value Before Listing

Tip #2: Brighten the Space with Up-to-Date Lighting

Outdated light fixtures can stick out and date your home…… what an enlightening thought (sorry, couldn’t resist)! Even if the rest is modernized, potential buyers may zero in on the tiffany lighting throughout the home. While we love some vintage looks, the majority of those viewing your home won’t want to feel they have stepped into a time machine. Updated light fixtures tend to elevate the space- particularly if you are showing the home without furniture.

Tip #3: Modernize with Remedies for Any Signs of Aging

Along with lighting, there are other signs that a home is “aged”; many homes have characteristics from the decades in which they were built. Maybe your home has popcorn ceilings or each room is covered with wallpaper- updating these traits can help your sale’s price. While you may not be able to knock down walls to make a modern open floor plan or fill in the living room pit, making small changes can be big improvements to the home….. and your selling cost.

Tidy Flower Bed With Stamped Concrete Trip In Yard Updates That Raise Home Value Before Listing

Tip #4: Liven Up the Listing with Landscaping & Curb Appeal

When potential buyers arrive the first impression will be the curb appeal. The color and condition of the exterior- from the house to the landscaping- contributes to the curb appeal. Simple fixes- like power washing the siding and cleaning gutters- to changing out the garage doors or mailbox can really help! Try to avoid brown spots of grass and fill mundane landscapes with trees, bushes and other plants.

Once you made these updates, make sure that you furnish accordingly. Staging your home can also help elevate the space. If you are still living in the home, make sure that you eliminate any clutter and keep only the basics in the space; distractions from the house itself may deter purchases.

Wondering whether your home needs certain updates? Call us in for a consultation and we’ll make it well worth your while!

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