Look at us now!

Look at us now!

Dream Logo Stacked

Dream Windows and Interiors Reimagined: Welcome to Dream Interiors NY

Wait!!! Don’t go back to Yahoo, Google or whatever search engine you typically use to find this site (along with easy crockpot recipes or to the meaning of the “newest” acronym used on social media); you are at the right place. Yes…. This isn’t what you remember. Yes…… there are all new colors and even a new name.

Welcome to Dream Interiors, NY formerly Dream Windows and Interiors! You are probably wondering why the switch. Have you ever heard of a company called BackRub? What about Jerry’s and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web? No? I can promise you that you know both these companies! BackRub was the original name for Google whereas Jerry’s and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web….. you guessed it…. was once the name of Yahoo. Like both these businesses, we have gone through a transformation in the twenty years since the birth of Dream Windows and Interiors. While I will always be grateful for my roots, the sewing needle of my former logo speaks of an earlier time; the focus of the company has changed and- so with it- I felt the need to change the representation. There will always be a place for window treatments, but the foremost service is the transformation of your home’s full interior. My love and passion are to help transform your space into something that is no longer just functional but your retreat, your Utopia, your place you can’t wait to show off and share with friends and family.

For those who are first timers to the page- WELCOME. I am so glad that you have “landed” here.

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