Mixing Pets and Furniture: A Risky Endeavor

Mixing Pets and Furniture: A Risky Endeavor

For lots of us, having pets makes the family complete. We love our pets and our pets love us and…the rugs, the beds and the upholstery. Here are some ways to save your home from those heavy hitting paws.


Stick to wood flooring and tile when possible. Pet hairs and odors love to harbor in carpet. If you just love carpets and area rugs (wo do love our area rugs), go for durable stain resistant options. Most companies now offer rugs that are made with our furry friends in mind. Polyester rugs are typically a great option; they are easy to clean, durable and tend to be lightweight. Further, these rugs tend to hold up well with the colors lasting longer. If you like to change your look each season, most of these rugs are reversible and give a cost effective option! Polypropylene rugs are also a great pet option; while they might take a little more effort when cleaning is needed, they are virtually chew and scratch-proof. If you are looking for a traditional rug, the micro-hooked rugs are the best option for pets; the smaller hooks make the rug a bit flatter with less chance of a caught nail. Dash and Albert are heavy hitters of marketing their pet friendly rugs.

Dash And Albert


Keep away from leathers. Paws love to leave their mark on leather. Scratches do not come off  in leather and while it may look worn and torn in a vintage kind of way, that costly leather sectional would rather stay claw free. If you are a big leather fan, we recommend getting a piece that already has that vintage look so that any new scratches can be camouflaged. Leather does have many advantages in terms of function- it is easy to clean and doesn’t tend to hold smells.

Tightly woven fabrics is a great option; especially if you have a shedder on your hands, it makes cleanup a bit easier than the loose fabrics that cling tight. Burrow is a great option as they test their products in house before mass producing. If you are into suede but know the probability that it won’t hold up well with your furry friend, microfiber is a great option; it gives the feel and look of suede but with a- typical- more pet-friendly option.

One of the great things about most modern furniture is the ability to easily remove the cushion covers to wash the love your pets might leave behind with muddy paws. Similarly, slipcovers offer the same ease and help to keep your furniture like new. 

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