New Year’s Resolutions- Interior Design

New Year’s Resolutions- Interior Design

Lose Weight: Get rid of clutter

Yes… just about all of us have been guilty of it- declaring the top New Year’s resolution expressing our determination to lose weight. For some, shedding those “extra pounds” around the house can be equally hard; determining whether the antique lamp is a family heirloom or a cost-effective hand-me- down you have outgrown. Lose some weight…. In your home. Decluttering your space will give you the fresh, light feel and maybe even give you the space to put in the home gym to fulfill the earlier resolution. Even for those who may not be full out minimalist, organizing and getting rid of those items that are just “taking up space” can be a great resolution.

Still have some clutter? Use a great storage option to hide those unwanted items.
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Change Your Appearance: Renew your design

Whether a big renovation or small decorative accents, renew your design. Like a fresh haircut or changing your wardrobe for a trendier style, renewing your design is a great New Year’s resolution you can enjoy through the year. A fresh coat of paint can help transform your space and give you a whole new feel each time you enter the room. Likewise, changing some of your accent items and focal pieces can give your space a new appeal. Try changing your (home’s) appearance.

Let Your Home Be Its Better Self: Quality not Quantity

You are worth it (and your home). Purchasing items of quality rather than quantity not only make your home more upscale but will be more cost effective in the long run. It is often easy to deter ourselves from spending money on household items when the rising cost of necessities continue to grow; you deserve it though! Make your New Year’s resolution to buy yourself one good piece that, like a set of pearls, will never lose the class and can be passed down.

Be Bold and Open

Be bold in your interior design choices and go outside your comfort zone to try new design trends you otherwise would dismiss. Being open to all possibilities may lead you to discover that you are keen to a style that you otherwise would have overlooked. With new technologies, you can sometimes see how new color paints, new flooring or new pieces will look in your existing space before taking the leap.

Be More Patient

The perfect piece is out there….. don’t settle for the now. When I purchased my home, I waited years before filling the entryway piece; I knew I wanted something unique but couldn’t find the right item to fill the void. It wasn’t until a family member was decluttering and asked if we had wanted an antique music cabinet that I found the perfect piece for the unoccupied space (and hold all my table linens). Be patient….. wait for something you are excited for.

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