Oh, How We Still Love the Blues!

Oh, How We Still Love the Blues!

As we’ve stated over and over in our previous blogs, nothing says summer like the vast hues of blues we use in our client’s gorgeous beach homes.  When paired with beachy, natural, wood tones the combination is light and airy.  In this beach home we chose an array of dark to light blues to stand out among neutral palettes and the combinations did not disappoint.  

Custom built in cabinetry in an amazing dramatic blue finish takes center stage in this sitting room among neutral upholstery and earthy, wood beach tones.

A natural woven rug adds an earthy element that we love.


We had so much fun selecting decorative pieces for the gorgeous built in.

Fun, gold elements and natural woods that pop, tie the room together. Accessories always complete the look!

For the dining room we brightening the space with a dreamy baby blue and natural woven shades. 

A whitewash, wood candelabra chandelier dramatizes the clean space without seeming overbearing.  

And the family room got a more laid back makeover for fun game nights and movie time!  Utilizing the same dramatic blue for the bookcase, we went with a stain resistant powder, blue fabric for the comfy sectional and light, beachy woods and upholstery for the rest of the space.  This combination gave it a bright, airy and comfortable vibe.

We loved this project.  Clearly blues are not going anywhere, nor do we want them to. Crisp, summery and cool they are the embodiment of summertime! Let us know what you think!

xoxo- Diane and the Dream Team

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