Quick and Easy Guest Room Tips

Quick and Easy Guest Room Tips

Implementing these tips can make your guests feel comfortable and give you peace of mind when company comes calling.

A bed in a guest room

Nothing says welcome like a friendly spot for luggage.

Keep a supply of hangers in the guest room closet, and clothing stored in zippered clothing bags is less likely to get in the way of overnight visitors.

The closet should be cleared for shoes, boots and tucking away the suitcase.

A chest for clothes should have few empty drawers in the event your guests are there for an extended stay and would like to empty their suitcase.

A box of tissues, fresh bottle of water and a few magazines or a favorite book on the nightstand will make your guests feel right at home. Also, be sure the bedside lighting is adequate for nighttime reading.

While you’re at it, a nightlight which turns on automatically when it gets dark will make sure your guests don’t go bump in the night.

It’s a great idea to design a guest room with a theme that defines your home’s locale. The ocean, the beach, the mountains or busy Broadway are all themes that can be incorporated easily into a design motif.Need expert advice, just call Diane, 631-325-5900.

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