Room to Play!

Room to Play!

If you are looking to create a fun playroom space for your children – without spending a fortune, look no further than your own home. It is easy to decorate a perfect playroom by reusing and repurposing existing items. Here are some inexpensive ideas:

Design a craft corner

Bring out your child’s natural creativity

  • Paint an old table and cover the sides with fabric. You can hide projects and supplies in large bins under the table.
  • Turn baby wipe containers into storage boxes for small craft items. Your kids can paint and decorate the containers.
  • Hang a bulletin board for displaying your children’s artwork.

table with curtain

Create a fort

Children love to play in private enclosed spaces

  • Design a tented space with unused sheets and fabrics.
  • Make a cardboard house with your kids using large boxes and lots of paint.

Hanging fabric

Section off areas of the room

Keep the kids organized while they’re having fun

  • Place area rugs around the room to create separate areas for reading, crafts, games, and storage. Don’t worry about matching the rugs. Variety is more fun.
  • Separate areas by hanging ribbons or fabric from the ceiling.
  • If you have a hardwood floors, why not create sections by painting the floor? Use different colors for each area, or paint lines to create regions.


Remember that decorating a playroom is all about creating an environment that is fun for your children. Take pleasure in the process and treasure the time with your kids.

Example playroom

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