Numbers and Statistics

Numbers and Statistics

So many of you know I am a numbers person; I find it really rewarding when my checkbook is balanced or calculating the money I saved a client on a recent purchase. Today I thought it would be fun to share a few numbers……. I promise there will not be any crazy calculations in this blog to make your head hurt but it will get it thinking!


For those trying to con their spouse into spending the money to update their bedroom; this is some good ammunition…. On average, we spend 3,600 hours a year sleeping. If you are like me you are probably thinking…. How is the possible? That’s 10 hours a day…. I am lucky if I get a couple solid hours! The big thing here is that this is “on average” over the course of your life; this is taking in account your first few years when naps were a necessity (possibly more for our parents than us) in addition to our 10 hour nights. With today’s average life expectancy, that’s pretty close to 300,000 hours of sleeping… don’t you feel that the place you spend over 30 years should be your serenity? Check out some of the bedrooms we have designed.


Does 116,800 sound like a big number? Perhaps even more large after knowing that it is the average number of meals eaten over the course of a lifetime! Of course the time we spend in the kitchen varies from one person to the next; this is actually based on the traditional “3 square meals a day” way of thinking (those midnight snacks finishing off the Ben and Jerry’s isn’t taken in account). Regardless, you are probably stepping into a kitchen at minimum over a hundred thousand times! While it may not always be your kitchen you are stepping into, making it a place you’d want to eat over 116,800 meals in is always our focus. Below are some kitchens we have designed that will make 116,800 seem low.


Seven million cell phones fall into the toilet each year (possibly the reason why stock in rice is always a good investment)! 60% of people sing in the shower. 70% of guests sneak a peek in the medicine cabinet when visiting (wouldn’t it be fun to put something unexpected in there?). Give those guests something appealing to quench their interest so that fumbling through your pill tubes isn’t a thought. Kitchens and bathrooms are found to be the two most renovated rooms in the house. See some of our recent bathroom renovations.

If you are going to go through the craziness of a renovation, why not just get it all done? For most, as soon as we update one thing, it makes the rest look outdated and the renovation ends up being a non-stop continuous task. Why not start with a blank slate and do it all at once?

The most important statistic for us? 100%. At Dream Interiors we strive to ensure 100% of our clients are 100% satisfied.

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