Table Decor We Can All Be Thankful

Table Decor We Can All Be Thankful

Ah….. Thanksgiving. While some of us dread the awkward conversations with distant relatives or having the television be overtaken with large, sweaty men running with a pigskin, we can unanimously agree that the table never looks as full with the abundance of food; the main course and trimmings. Want to enhance the ambience and festivities? Try pairing the perfect table décor with the holiday spirit.


While you might feel that having a large, tall centerpiece of flowers would help you avoid the eye contact and need to make conversation with Uncle Ernie, you want to make sure you don’t overcrowd your table and- consequently- not have room for all the goodies. Do not use flowers that have an overwhelming smell; the turkey and trimmings should be at the forefront of all our senses. Having a centerpiece that “fits” your table is key; for round tables, centerpieces that are circular in nature whereas long centerpieces for rectangular tables. Pairing candles with your centerpieces is also a treat. Likewise, having a candle centerpiece always sets the mood into that of elegance. Decorating with pumpkins is a traditional style for Thanksgiving centerpieces; you can incorporate a variety of styles, colors and shapes. Mixing with a touch of natural elements (like branches and berries) transport those around to a place parallel to the holiday roots.

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Table Runners

Table runners are also a natural eye catcher that help dress the table. Similar to centerpieces, runners that feature pumpkins, leaves and natural elements can enhance the feel. Runners with metallic edges or details can be appealing. A modern chalk table runner is an interesting option; inviting your guests to write the various things they are grateful for can create a treasured memory keepsake.

Silverware and Serving Utensils

While I don’t necessarily think that I would go out and purchase a new set of silverware for the upcoming holiday, “jazzing” it up with some unique serving utensils is a great option. Whether the shine of new sterling silver, the natural look and feel of wood or serving utensils of unique form and/or material can all add to your holiday décor.

Unique Place Settings

For those really into the Thanksgiving décor, plates featuring Turkeys or colonial scenes are easily found. Having ornate plates of harvest color are a classy option as well. For me, it is the one time a year that I pull out the fine china that my mother insisted we register for a decade ago. Layering the place setting with placemats, chargers and varying size dishes makes the table the envy of any catering hall. In our house, Thanksgiving is also the one time of the year that paper napkins just won’t do; we pull out the cloth for elegance. Napkins featuring harvest colors that coordinate with your centerpiece and dishes is a nice touch; you do not want to overwhelm with patterns if the table already looks too “busy”. Pairing with napkin rings is another great detail; whether a simple hint of metallic, a natural wood or a decorative bedazzled jewel piece to add a bit of bling.

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