The 3 Top Features Buyers Will Look For in Your Kitchen Island

The 3 Top Features Buyers Will Look For in Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become a staple piece; the benefits of their presence makes the space more functional for any modern day cook. Yes- they assist with meal prep…. who wants to move the coffee maker, the air fryer, the mixer and all other gadgets off the counters or truck the veggies over to the table? Yes- they are handy for entertaining……. the countertop providing an extra seating area or buffet location. Yes- they are essential for everyday…… an easy option for a quick snack or breakfast as the kids shovel down the cereal before heading to school. In part, kitchen islands are communal and stylish; the perfect mix of form and function.

Large Kitchen Island With Bar Stools Waterfall White Countertops Pendant Lighting Best Features To Add To Your Kitchen Island

Feature #1: Substantial Space for Sensible Seating

This might seem like a no-brainer but it is often overlooked. Sure, you might feel that the oversized stools will look great in the space but if you can only fit two and you have a third child, this might cause some inconvenience further down the line. Particularly if you are renovating and placing a new island, you want to make sure the size not only fits the space but the intended usage. Maybe you need a side lip to add a few seats or maybe you need to rethink some of the feature locations so that they do not interfere with the seating. We love the oversized islands that allow for added seating; too often the cook/ host is in the kitchen missing the excitement of visitors whereas the additional seating provides an opportunity for the guests to converse without interfering or getting in the way. Further, if large enough, hosting the event in the kitchen allows for easy access without carting the food to another location.

Feature #2: Deep Drawers Instead of Dated Doors

Doors are great when items are lined up or stacked; they are an optimal feature for stacking your plates or lining your glasses. When it come to kitchen islands, deep drawers are the way to go. Usually, kitchen islands store the pots and pans, the baking ware and the miscellaneous items that will not fit in the catch all drawer. Deep drawers are more functional for people of all ages and abilities.

Feature #3: Enough Energy for the Endless Electronics

In our modern tech world, having outlets in an island is essential….. from plugging in your appliances to charging electronics. Often, the island becomes the “home office”; ensuring an accessible power source is vital so that your computer doesn’t die in the middle of a Zoom call. While extension cords area always an option, it’s one less thing for the kids to trip on or the spouse to get tangled in. USB plug ins are also a great addition. We work with a company-Docking Drawer- that place outlets inside drawers; allowing for the convenience without the unsightly view of outlets (if that is something that bothers you).

A Few Other Features to Consider

There are a few other features that many kitchen islands have that have become staples of islands. Pull- out trash cans are one prevalent one; while you may already have a general one in the kitchen having one in close proximity to discard as you prep is a convenient option. Similarly, a prep sink is a great addition and helps add to the ease of prep work. In many of our clients’ homes, we have wine fridges installed; obviously if you are not a wine drinker than this would be an investment worth making….. it is important to determine what would help you.

If you would like some support bringing your kitchen dreams to life, we can help! Reach out and let’s get to know each other.

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