The Season of Giving: 3 Great Nonprofits We Love to Support

The Season of Giving: 3 Great Nonprofits We Love to Support

While supporting nonprofits is a yearlong mission, during the holiday season it becomes the forefront for many. We love supporting local nonprofits and those in the greater community. As a former girl scout, I can’t not support the local girls. While I have been more consciousness of my cookie intake, it doesn’t mean I steer away from the cookie order sheet. In a true “two birds with one stone” (with no ill intent towards our feathery friends) I love the opportunity to purchase a load of cookies that are shipped to the troops abroad.


Another organization that we support is the East End Hospice. In addition to monetary donations, we have the opportunity to provide various items to the thrift store through the year. Along with those from our own spring cleaning purge, we periodically encounter situations where client’s have high end items that they no longer have a use for when they undergo a renovation or transformation. Likewise, when we receive items with slight damage, many of our vendors give us the opportunity to donate while a replacement is sent. If you have some lightly used items or are in the market for some new pieces, the East End Hospice Thrift store is a great option.

A third nonprofit (well collection) are local organizations and schools. In addition to monetary donations for various fundraisers, we have also provided baskets for auctions. Whether the neighboring chamber of commerce to the elementary schools for supporting the theater program and other happenings, we love supporting our local neighbors.

While giving to any nonprofit is a worthwhile endeavor, finding a cause that you are passionate about can make it even better.

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