The Secret to Styling a Luxury Short-Term Rental

The Secret to Styling a Luxury Short-Term Rental

Airbnbs have quickly replaced the traditional way of traveling for so many; sometime this is financial decision, sometimes its a logistics decision and others simply because individuals find that Airbnbs offer what hotels can’t. Luxury Airbnbs are more likely to book at high rates, get more positive reviews and inspire repeat visits. Famous illusionist, David Copperfield, currently holds the title for having the most expensive Airbnb; at $60,000 a night it might be a little hard for many of us to stomach! While you might not have a private island to rent, you can still get top dollar for your space! Not sure how to create this elevated look? We have a few tips for you……

Tip #1: Style the Whole Space with a Specific Guest in Mind

When designing your Airbnb, you should have an ideal guest in mind so that you can design specifically around their needs. Perhaps you have an apartment in the city that you feel would be targeted for business professionals; having the coffee maker front and center might be a good start. Maybe you want your Airbnb to be place for couples seeking a romantic retreat; adding wine racks, soaking baths and dim lighting would be great characteristics. Interestingly, there is a big market for “themed” Airbnbs; from colorful Disney characters and Lego elements for the kids to rentals of transformed trains, planes and submarines, adding something unique to the Airbnb can draw potential renters.

Hands Holding Two Neutral Tile Samples In Gray And Tan The Secret To Styling A Luxury Airbnb Listing

Tip #2: Have a Pro Help Create a Cohesive Color Palette

One of the attributes that portray a professionally designed space is when the colors are in harmony. Not sure what to choose? Get professional color advice for the paint to use, the furniture choice and placement, etc. While you may love certain style, a pro knows exactly what has a wide general appeal and what would elicit the mood you are hoping to set.

Sitting Room With Large Map And Unique Fixtures Are You Ready To Work With An Interior Designer

Tip #3: Invest in Installing Elegant Fixtures & Elevated Finishes

Tasteful light fixtures can elevate the look and the feel of any space. Having a chandelier in the bathroom or bedroom instantly makes those entering feel like royalty. Pendants over a kitchen island similarly make the space feel more grand. Further thick, custom drapery or clean-lined shades can enhance luxury.

Arranging Flowers In Vase In Kitchen The Secret To Styling A Luxury Airbnb Listing

Tip #4: Grace the Listing with Greenery & Gorgeous Soft Linens

Along with the lighting and window treatments, the bedding (and beds) can further elevate. Have you ever had the best night of sleep you ever had….. on a hotel mattress? You first order of business the next day to run down to the front desk to get the make, model and contact information so that you could have one ordered and shipped to your home before you return? Soft linens, fluffy duvets and accent pillows are key; your guests should feel like they have floated away on a cloud. Another important element are greenery- like plant life, fresh bouquets and even faux foliage; these items will induce a lively, luxury feel.

Neutral Bedding Upholstered Headboard Dark Bedside Table With Lamp The Secret To Styling A Luxury Airbnb Listing

Tip #5: Make Time to Have Plenty of Professional Photos Taken

Perhaps one of the most important tips…… make sure to have plenty of professional photos taken. Just like the first few generations i-phones to the most current have vast differences in photo quality so too is amateur photography for listings. The highest-selling luxury Airbnbs have incredible photos and- in some cases- virtual walkthroughs. Hiring a professional is worth the investment.

Feel overwhelmed? Hire a professional’s help. According to, “An interior designed Airbnb listing will do better (higher occupancy and rates) 100% of the time than a non-interior design listing given all else is equal.”

If you’re ready to take your listing from good to great, less-than-ideal to luxury…let’s talk!

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