To Save or Not to Save?

<strong>To Save or Not to Save?</strong>

Despite the love we show them, even our most cherished sofas start to wear. Faced with whether it is time to retire the adored piece, the refurbishing route becomes a formidable option. Refurbishing is a great option to update or recover an old piece; like an old house with “good bones”, it might just need a little TLC. Upholstering allows the opportunity to transform the piece into a one-of-a-kind chair of your choosing.  Further, with the national shipping delays in mind, the refurbishing route tends to be the quicker alternative. In weighing the options, you may discover it to be as costly as purchasing a new one; pending the material you seek to use. If it’s a sentimental piece or well built, you may still find refurbishing is the way to go. Regardless of your chosen route, Dream Interiors NY welcomes the opportunity to assist with the process.

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