Unique Storage Options

Unique Storage Options

If you are like me, you have too much “stuff”. Some, the sentimental boxes of trinkets my children created in their youths, others those items that I “know I’ll use eventually” (Ah yes, the gimmicks we somehow were suckered into purchasing but too proud to admit were a waste of money!) In viewing options to hide the “mess” of stuff, the storage option ends up being as much of an eyesore than if we just left it in plain sight. Don’t stress…… there are many fun and stylish options to hold these treasures.

Fun Storage

Want a fun, unique storage option? Kartell Componibili’s 4 Tier Storage Unit is a great possibility. With an array of color choices, they can be easily paired to match a room or to add a touch of color and fun to an otherwise bland space. Too modern for your style? What about a set of vintage suitcases? Varying sized luggage pieces stacked can make a creative, and attractive, way to hide your goods.

Apothecary Accent Chest

If you have many small odds and ends, an apothecary accent chest is right up your alley. With a variety of sized drawers, it can be a perfect addition to ensure a place for all your items. From industrial to classic, apothecary accent chests have found a place in homes across the spectrum. I love the numbered drawers; I can easily direct those looking for items to the respective location.

Storage Bench

A traditional piece that is commonly used is a storage bench; these not only function as storage but a spot to relax, read or help a little one tie a shoe. These pieces come in a variety of styles; from pull out baskets to closed doors or solid sides that open like an old toy trunk. Given the diversity of pieces, storage benches can be used in almost any room; whether a sturdy place to put shoes in a mudroom to a soft and and cozy bench to hide spare blankets in the bedroom.

Wall Unit

If you feel that the clutter is never ending and you don’t have the space for it all, a library wall built in could be a great option. Particularly with custom work, you can ensure that the shelves, drawers and spaces are suitable for the variety of items that need a new home. This can also allow for desks; traditional or hidden murphy style for the casual need. Likewise, creating a wall unit that showcases key accessories or feature your books can always change the appeal of a room. Similarly, a free standing piece mimicking the library wall feel is a great option and focal piece in any space.

Finding great storage options for your needs can sometime seem like a never-ending hunt; rest assured, there are many great possibilities for any and all unsightly items. If you need help, we are always here to help create your dream space.

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