Wallpaper to Make a Statement

Wallpaper to Make a Statement

#1: Pick Whether to Play it Safe or Go Big and Bold

When adding wallpaper, you don’t necessarily have to wallpaper the whole room. Similar to a great picture or photograph, wallpaper can be used as a piece of art. These statement walls can be used to tie in the various colors in the existing space. If you are using big and bold wallpaper, try using for smaller spaces or room; a large room covered in bold paper can feel claustrophobic or an Alice in Wonderland nightmare.

Bright Floral Print Wallpaper On Wall In Bathroom Behind Toilet And Sink How Designers Use Wallpaper To Make A Statement

#2: Select a Single Pattern or Creatively Mix and Match

Adding statement wallpaper doesn’t mean you can only select a single pattern; mixing patterns textures and colors can help add to the design quality. Choosing wallpaper with similar colors or themes can be a great design effect. Likewise, simple tricks- like rotating the installation- can create more depth.


#3: Find Furniture that Complements or Enhances the Look

Nautical Themed Bedroom With Dark Blue Wallpaper Accent Wall How Designers Use Wallpaper To Make A Statement

#4: Broaden the Horizons and Reach Beyond a Room’s Walls

Despite it’s name, wallpaper isn’t just for walls! We have encouraged our clients to add wallpaper to unexpected places. Perhaps a bit unorthodox, wallpaper added to a ceiling is a great design element. For a past client, we added wallpaper to a bookcase; a little hidden surprise when books are pulled.


#5: Pair the Paper with Curated Art or Let it Shine Alone

Wallpaper doesn’t need to be used solely as a backdrop; it can be paired beautifully with a curated art collection. Wallpaper can help set the tone or look of the space; it can dictate the look or style of the room. In other cases, letting wallpaper shine alone and be essentially an accent piece or the spotlight in a room can be a great option for a space.

Ornate Mural Look Wallpaper In Open Concept Living And Dining Room With Bold Light Fixtures How Designers Use Wallpaper To Make A Statement

P.S. There really are no rules when it comes to wallpaper. The sky is the limit. Contact us and let’s dream up a statement-making home together.

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