Wallpaper, wallpaper everywhere!

First off, I should start by telling you that wallpaper in the interior design realm is now more often lovingly referred to as wall coverings! A far more classy name, and with so many more beautiful offerings, it is also well deserved. Wall coverings are available  in the most gorgeous colors, patterns and textures than ever before. Not to mention it is used more dramatically than ever before and we love it.  It opens so many options for designing bland spaces into gorgeous, opulent, dreamy rooms!

Our selection of this bold pattern from Thibaut played a major role in waking up this small guest bath in Westchester.

In keeping with the bright, clean lines of this stairway this classic wallcovering adorned with nailheads was the perfect, classy compliment.

TEXTURE & COLOR: Wallcoverings can be bold and beautiful if you desire, or simply elegant and classic.  That’s the beauty of it.  The array of offerings are so plentiful, you can choose loud, colorful dramatic prints or less bold designs for a more subtle look.  They  are also  tone on tone textures you just want to touch.  Yes, wallcoverings come textured! Gorgeous textures that have a glorious impact on an entire room whether used on just one wall as an accent or the entire room.  Grasscloth, velvets and embossed patterns breath life into a once bland space. Thibaut makes a gorgeous wallcoverings with nailheads on them! You raid that right- nailheads.  The options are limitless and can be dizzying but I promise there is a wallcovering for every space in every taste!

Thubuat wallcovering in home designed by Dream Windows and Interiors.

This striking indigo printed wallcovering by Thibaut  instantly transformed an elegant traditional dining space in the Hamptons.

This Romo paper features Elegant florals  which elevate and add warmth to our client’s small, guest bath.

Studded, nailhead wallcovering keeps this hallway light and bright in Westhampton.

The PAINTED KIND: That’s right. Wallcoverings come handpainted. I’m not saying it’s cheap but it is absolutely unique and artistic and amazing ! Individual panels can be created from your own personal designs or from an artists selection and hand painted directly on the wall covering, which can be crafted from paper or silks!  Painted panels take over 100 hours to make and months to get but the end result is nothing short of absolute gorgeous art. I’ve seen samples and they are quite exquisite. I cant wait to find that dream customer who wants to turn their home walls into an artist’s haven. Please pm me for this job because I am dying to get my hands on this artistry for some lucky client! Hint, hint! THE WALLS: Let’s start with the obvious, the walls. Wallcoverings can turn a lifeless room into your favorite space.  Adorn all four walls of a room for major effect or just dress up one wall of your space for a striking, pop of design. Either way the change is welcomed. I’ve done wallpaper on all four walls in a tiny bathroom and it truly changed the dimension and added much needed beauty.  Wallcoverings can be a complete makeover. Last summer I had the pleasure of creating a playroom that had many built ins for storage.  It needed something fun to break it up though, so wallcoverings to the rescue!  Wallcoverings can truly go anywhere!

Star adorned, teal wall coverings by Romo in a playroom paradise we installed last summer pictured above on the walls and below in the built ins.

    THE EVERYWHERE: We are getting creative with wallcoverings, and such easy to use options make it a happy pleasure to apply just about anywhere!  Use it on furniture, ceilings and even on gallery frames to create artwork. We recently breathed life again into a white built in bookshelves in two different homes by adding grass cloth wallcovering to the back of each shelf.  It was just enough change to transform that corner of the room.  Get creative and adorn the top of a tired, old desk with a lovely pattern for instant restoration or any piece of furniture for that matter. Why not? I am all about refurbishing something old to look bright and new again, and wallcoverings are my new paint for the job!

Schumacher Grasscloth wallcoverings transform this client’s classic and simple built in pictured above.

We were able to add much needed dimension to this family room in Westchester. Utilizing a subtle color and pattern, we were able to create a classy yet

streamlined look within the built ins and followed through on the walls.

Woven blue wall covering  from Phillip Jeffires perfectly coordinates with the client’s love of the blues in this Hampton’s bedroom as pictured above and below.

        I think it’s time we all got design happy and added wallcoverings to our home! Feel free to stop by our studio to see what gorgeous wallcoverings we have that can instantly transform your home! Cheers, Diane

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