What to Do With a Nook

What to Do With a Nook

Nooks are those cozy little spaces where our secrets are kept; the small pockets within our homes. While their odd-shape attributes may pose a bit of puzzlement as to what to do with location, the quirky area can be a featured place in your home.

Breakfast Nooks

Perhaps the traditional use of a nook is that of the breakfast nook. Many of these small kitchen spaces are transformed with a built in table and benches for informal meals. The nook helps create a sense of closeness; bringing family and friends physically and- consequentially- emotionally together.

Bar Nooks

Bar Nooks have become another common option. Many times a micro-bar, the small space allows for the festivities without an overwhelming presence. Particularly when your hosting area is a distance from your kitchen, this can be a lifesaver.

Reading Nooks

Like cozying up under the covers as you begin an adventure in a new book, reading nooks too can provide a cave of warmth and the right atmosphere. The space can be fitted with a long bench chair that extends the length of the space; giving the reader the ability to lean up against each of the walls. Another option could be a hanging chair; providing a whimsical alternative.

Office Nooks

As many of us can attest, during the period of the great COVID shutdown, finding an optimal office space seemed a tough task. With the new craziness of home life, finding a location off on its own was a necessity. Nooks can provide this; they tend to be those places tucked into the unexpected away from the insanity of the rest of the house.

Seating Nooks

Whether sitting for intimate conversations between a few or for a sole adventurer, nooks are great for seating areas. Often paired with a window, nooks provide a space to watch the happenings outside or to watch the memories being made within. A small table can also be added to the space to make it more versatile.

Not sure where to go or what nook to undertake? At Dream Interiors, NY we are available to assist!

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