Why Custom Furniture & Window Treatments are Always a Better Value Over Time

Why Custom Furniture & Window Treatments are Always a Better Value Over Time

We have recently had a client who came in distraught; she had purchased a good portion of her furniture from a reputable retailer only for some of the furnishings to tether and others to fall apart. She advised that the pieces did not meet up to her expectations; while they were not cheap, they just didn’t seem to “last” while other pieces weren’t comfortable. She also felt that the pieces did not entirely “fit” with the design of the space; I encouraged her- as I do with many of my clients- to consider custom furnishings.

Benefit #1: Excellent Quality that Endures

Overall, custom furniture and window treatments are better constructed; thus have higher durability and longevity. These items are built to last; many times becoming heirloom pieces or items passed down. More important, they tend to have far better warranties and customer service options. Our Hunter Douglas representative is just short of being on our speed dial; they stand by their product to ensure their quality even after years past. This is the case with the majority of vendors we use with custom options; like us they want to ensure that it is done correctly and the client remains happy.

Benefit #2: Comfort that is Customizable

Having custom furniture ensures it fits; you have an irregular shaped nook in your home that needs a bench or the desire for a bigger than average kitchen items to fit your excessive area? Custom furniture can be customized for any width and depth. Perhaps often overlooked custom windows are the same. We had a client with hard to reach windows in his bathroom; while he obviously didn’t want to put on a show for those passing by, he would often remember too late that the shades were open. We were able to customize windows with a remote (both a wall unit for the entrance of the bathroom and a pebble remote for his shower for easy access whether he is). The remote option is also great for skylights- minimizing the need to pull out the ladder and chance a visit to the ER. Custom window treatments allow you to pick out your own fabric, decide how dark you want your lining to be (if you are like Dracula and want full darkness there’s options) to ensure ultimate comfort.

Benefit #3: Style that Suits You

Perhaps the best part about custom…… it’s style that suits you. Maybe you are keen on brass or gold accents are your thing. Perhaps you love shades of blue or deep woods. Being able to custom means you can decide the performance options, the arm and leg styles, the window treatment hardware…… all aspects of your piece. In part, meaning you own a one-of-a-kind piece that is truly unique to your liking.

As an interior designer, I have access to trade-only showrooms and custom workrooms; I can help you create the perfect custom pieces for your home. Not sure what you like? I can help guide you; figure out your style and choose pieces that express your unique self.

If you’re ready for an expert to outfit your home with custom furnishings just for you, we’ve got your back! Contact us today. Have any questions about custom furnishings? We’d love to answer them! Leave us a comment below and we’ll happily share our expertise. If you love decor, furniture, and window treatment tips you can use, you’ll really love our newsletter. Subscribe below to get the good stuff. 😉

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