Why You Need to Be Strategic When Investing in Furniture & Home Decor

Why You Need to Be Strategic When Investing in Furniture & Home Decor

You are finally taking the plunge! After months (or perhaps years) of wanting, you have decided that this is the year that you will take on the design projects your home desperately needs. You are ready! You are excited! You are extremely afraid that you will get carried away and overspend! Don’t fret, we have some great guidelines to help you invest strategically.

Tip #1: Invest Intelligently in Daily-Use or Design-Critical Items

We all have different areas in our house that get a little bit more traffic; maybe it’s the front entrance or the stairs (that our children use for indoor sledding). As time passes, we can visually see the wear and tear; whether the rugs seem a little worn or the couches are ripping at the seams. These are some of the critical items (or flooring) that you should invest wisely in. Given the daily love you show them, they will quickly breakdown if the quality isn’t good. Similarly, you will want to allocate a substantial portion of the budget to elements that pull the whole design together; many times these are focal points like carpets or pieces of work.

Tip #2: Save Strategically on Pieces and Spaces Used Less Often

Anything that doesn’t fit in the daily use/design-critical items from Tip #1 is a great place to save money. There are many items that you can purchase that will last but don’t necessarily have to be top notch or name brand. Lighting fixtures are a great example… unless you have a child that tends to swing on the chandelier, it isn’t going to get a lot of wear that could cause it to age or break down.

Tip #3: Plan Prior to Any Purchases Alongside a Home Professional

It is essential to plan your budget before beginning. When we take on a project, we do a breakdown with an allocated estimate budget for each individual item. We make sure to include not only the beautiful fabrics for your custom curtains but also the labor to transform the cloth to window treatments but also the installation. If you are doing a whole home renovation, you will want to do your research to ensure you are setting aside the funds needed for any new furnishings so that- towards the end of the project- its not an added surprise. Make sure to also budget an additional 10-20%; you know there is always something you didn’t think of that you “have to have”.

Having a designer to help can be a lifesaver………. we have a plethora of experience in all types of projects- from full home renovations to singular rooms. We ensure that our clients’ money is well spent based off their vision and investment. Our foolproof budgeting ensure that every item and service is anticipated without skimping on ensuring the selections will achieve the dream home they envision.

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