Your Guide to Creating a Beautiful, Family-Friendly Mudroom

Nothing is worse than walking in the door and tripping on the random shoe or the pile of outwear sprawled across the floor. Mudrooms are wonderful, but without a plan, they can become the family’s dumping ground, causing chaos, clutter, and stress. Check out our 4 tips for organizing & systematizing that mudroom for winter.

Neutral Mudroom With Plaid Floor Washer Dryer Boots On Floor Throw Pillows On Bench Cabinetry Top Tips For Organizing Your Mudroom

Tip #1: Reevaluate the Main Reason for the Room

The use of the space matters; it is not enough to designate a small room for the dumping ground, there needs to be organization within. To ensure that your mudroom meets your needs, you need to assess how the space is used on a regular basis, then reorganize the space to help with those daily tasks. While you might not be able to change the square footage of the space, well thought changes to the structure and organization can seem like you added a loft! Vertical storage can be key in this; wall hooks, shoe cubbies, or cabinets can be a lifesaver.

Tip #2: Plan & Purchase Purposeful Storage Systems

Not so “secret” secret, sometime storage can actually add clutter! Making sure that you get pieces that help with your given needs is important….. don’t purchase the small woven baskets that can only hold a single shoe because they look cute; purchase the items that will help with your organization. If you have an army of kids, installing cubbies (yes similar to a school locker system) and giving each a designate area for their coats, backpacks, etc. is a great option. Having bins for smaller items, like hats, mittens and scarves can help keep these from disappearing. Explaining to the family or labeling the designated areas will make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Small Entryway Mudroom With Wall Hooks Wood Bench With Pillows Mirror Neutral Palette Top Tips For Organizing Your Mudroom

Tip #3: Map Out How to Deal with Moisture Control

Like the mustiness of a locker room, having moisture control can be key to keeping the place- well- not smelly! Particularly since most outwear is damp from snow, rain, and sweat, you will want to determine what can be done to keep the room moisture-free. Having floor coverings that are washable, and a quiet dehumidifier can assist with this goal. If you have a kid- well- with smelly feet, odor eaters is a great option as well. To help limit the items in the space, swapping out seasonal outwear and accessories can help.

Tip #4: Style the Space with Strategic Accessories

Just because the mudroom is thought of a functional room doesn’t mean it can be beautiful! Adding a bench can add color as well as assist with shoe retrieval. Putting up pictures of the family or decorating with plants can help make the space more appealing. Having storage with “fun colors” or baskets with hints of a whimsical design can also enhance the design.

The frustration of a cluttered, dysfunctional space will be a thing of the past if they take these simple tips to heart.

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