When I first pull up to someone’s home my first impression usually begins with the exterior. I cant help it! Lush, landscaped gardens, a pristine, uncluttered front porch and the overall appearance of the homes’ outside look usually gives me an idea of what’s to come on the inside!  After all, I am a designer and it my nature to notice all things beautifully decorated.  The overall feel of the home is almost immediate based on the exterior.

With that said, in this blog I’ve decided to share some tips on creating an appealing exterior to match your home’s interiors. With so many of us sticking to staycations this year, investing in the outside of your home’s has many eye catching, benefits we tend to put by the wayside once a normal, non-pandemic summer hits. Exteriors are just as important as your interiors!

architectural photography of concrete building

1. Freshen Up Your Siding & Front Door

Give your home some new life. First off, homes get dirty just like everything else that lacks care over the winter months. I always start with a serious power washing of the outside of my home, deck, porch and siding. Power washing gives you a clean palette to start freshening up the exterior for the warmer month spent outdoors.

Next, tackle that front door. A new coat of paint immediately transforms your entryway. Go ahead and change the color while your at it too. Choose a color that pops against your homes exterior color whether it be brick, stucco or siding, or go with a more classic, traditional and elegant color like black.  Or perhaps, you want something punchy like red or yellow to convey the playful interiors you gravitate to inside.  Your front door is your portal into your interiors! A gorgeous front door makes for a powerful entrance into your home.

two 4-panel half lite and 6-panel doors wallpaper

white hanging wreath on green door

2. Brighten Things Up with Lighting

Lighting can be charming and welcoming.  Go with overhead ceiling lighting if you have an expansive porch, and if you spent a lot of hot, lazy summer days sitting there, opt for outdoor fans with lights.  If you lack the space, small lanterns hung right next to the door frame also create ambiance and charm.  Choose contrast colors to the home’s exterior when selecting the light’s finish for a more dramatic pop.  If you still lack the space for any exterior wired lighting, gorgeous free standing outdoor lanterns are an inexpensive way to dress up your front entrance; put one or a few beside the door or along the steps.  Fill the outdoor lanterns with timed, battery operated candles for low maintenance care that gives off a pretty glow.

gray steel patio table with chairs set

man in black t-shirt and blue denim jeans playing guitar

Christmas tree


For me, the real fun part of dressing up a home’s exteriors is the landscaping. I love gardening.  A home’s exterior is instantly elevated with landscaped gardens that frame the home and balance out the property.  Add color with low maintenance perennials. My go to favorites are lavenders and hydrangeas, which provide colorful blooms with little maintenance all summer long. I tend to plant year round, green shrubs in between the perennials to balance out the look in the colder months when they don’t bloom. Frame the front of the home with these flowers and shrubs giving them ample space in between each so that they can grow without overcrowding the property. Use stone and brick to frame the landscaping if you can. I also like some landscaped areas around the mailbox if you have the space. If you live in an apartment or condominium try a planter box outside the window. A little color goes a long way!

green and purple trees beside gray concrete house

trees near white concrete house

open house windows

4. Select Beautiful Window Treatments

 Even though your windows treatments are part of the interiors, they can be seen from the exterior and have a dramatic effect of the home’s overall look.  Consider the appearance the window treatments have on the outside. Make sure a shade or drapery frames the window as if it were a picture!

flowers on pots

5. Accessorize

Finally, add some easy, sweet touches with home decor accessories that make the outside feel just as lived in as the inside.  Add a cute welcome mat and porch seating, like a swing if you have the space or rocking chairs. Don’t forget to add some pretty cushions and pillows for a softer look too. I leave a throw blanket tossed on the back of my porch chair for chilly nights. It always looks so inviting!

You can also add classy or fun house numbers to identify your home, and a clean polished looking mailbox.  Change out the decor with the seasons too. Go crazy with colorful, potted plants in the summer, pumpkins in the fall and festive, outdoor lights in winter.  All of these small touches will have a big impact on the first impression of your home, and create an outdoor space you won’t want to leave!


pink gerbera daisies on milk churn

brown wooden rocking chair on porch beside closed French doors

Your outside home’s appearance is a reflection on what’s indoors. Why not spend some time giving it the same love you would with the interiors?

Have a question about making your exterior match your interiors? Feel free to ask us in the comments below! We got you. 😉





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